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Happy Saturday gang! We’ll be live again tonight at 7:30 PM Central. You can catch any of our streams or you can be a part of the conversation by joining us on guilded. The streams will be on Rumble, Odysee, and You Tube. We’ll also stream to Twitter and Facebook but we do not have links for them as of yet.

Tonight, I feel compelled to do something I haven’t done in five years (back in the Truth Money and Freedom Podcast days), it’s time to go over the 45 steps to communism. Communism’s 45 goals were read into the Congressional Record by Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr., (D-Florida), in 1963. These goals were gleaned from the testimony given to Congress by scholars and from the writings of current or former Communists. “Emergencies” such as “global warming” “global climate change” “covid” and “terrorism” have all led to communist planks being fulfilled with national and state laws and the culture. Division is a LARGE part of the plan as well because division leads to distrust. When you distrust your neighbor, you’ll “need” government to step in and “protect you” from your neighbor. It’s as much psychological/spiritual warfare as it is a complete takeover of the culture and government. Add the government infiltration by the WEF into the mix and you’ve brought in the influence and money to make it all happen. Many planks of communism are brought in as “moral” or “common sense” actions by government. This is designed to make YOU feel like YOU are immoral or selfish if you do not agree with government actions and laws that forward communist agendas. The damage being done to western culture in order to usher in feudalism (a form of communism) by governments, central banks, media and even public education is extreme and will take a generation to heal. We’ll cover this tonight. We’ll also discuss Senator Eigel and Representative Hardwick’s gold and silver bill tonight.

Senator Eigel was featured on Ron’s Basement on Tuesday. You can view video here. Senator Eigel recommends that folks in Missouri call Representative Dean Plocher’s office and let him know that YOU know he single handedly stopped 2023’s version of the bill (SB100) and ask him to explain why he killed the bill. They should also let him know that if he does anything to stop this Constitutional bill in 2024, there may be political consequences for Plocher’s Lt. Governor run in 2024. That’s good advice. J I recently learned that Senator Eigel will be on Liberty and Finance sometime next week.

Catherine and Kirby with Rogue Politics have released a new video. It seems every time they release a video I am more amazed at their abilities than I was before. This week was no exception. In the latest release, Catherine and Kirby have found enough waste in the Missouri state budget to fund personal property tax for all Missourians! Rogue Politics is not a government entity, nor are they accredited accountants or even paid for their activism/work. Catherine and Kirby are just regular folk like us who took it upon themselves to actually delve into the Missouri budget line by line and find wasteful spending. They stopped when they hit $1.7 Billion, which is the total cost to Missourians for personal property tax yearly. My guess is that they could have easily found $10 to $20 billion in waste if they had the months of free time it would take. I have a feeling this information will reach the general assembly. If you ever needed proof that individuals can actually “make a difference” or “get something done” look no further than these two ladies who in their spare time are warriors for liberty. Their superpower is going through the Missouri state budget line by line without going crazy. J Trust me, this IS an actual superpower.

On Thursday, I joined Dunagun Keiser for an appearance on Finance and Liberty. The topic was Senator Eigel and Representative Hardwick’s gold and silver bill.

Also on Thursday, I joined Catherine and Kirby and Roger Jackson on the Patriot Enclave on 93.3 FM. My segment begins at about the 34 minute mark. The entire show is worth listening to. It’s always a treat to visit with Catherine, Kirby and Roger on the Patriot Enclave. Please consider following them on twitter (X).

On Friday, John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report had another brilliant live stream covering many of the problems we have in this nation and this state. He also covers solutions. John also covered communism infiltration at all levels of politics in America which helped inspire the live stream we will be doing tonight. If you haven’t subscribed to John’s channel on Rumble, please consider doing so. John is an important part of our liberty network and you can also find him on twitter (X).

On Sunday night (6:00 to 9:00PM Central), Sam Britton with Missouri Liberty Radio will be talking with first time guest Representative Bill Hardwick on Sam’s signature program, “Off the Cuff.” Bill Hardwick has filed the same silver and gold legislation as Senator Eigel. Sam will be discussing this with the Representative. This is a live show, so free to call in and ask questions and share your opinions on all things gold/silver legislation! Be sure to tune in live on 103.1FM if you are in the Owensville market. All others can listen live from the stream on the website. Sam and Trish Britton amaze me. For those who did not know, Sam and Trish are both blind yet they run a radio station, produce a weekly radio show and provide show notes via email. Despite their handicap, they choose to fight for liberty and educate and inspire folks via the airwaves! Again, everyone can make a difference.

Don’t forget to bookmark Gretchen Garrity’s blog. She is constantly carrying good info on local government issues, such as libraries and schools.

That’s all for now gang. I hope to see you tonight.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

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