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Help us to get these questionnaires to all candidates running for public office in Missouri


2022 Survey for candidates running for Missouri public offices/positions


2022 House/Senate Seats

Questionnaire for prospective Missouri House and Senate candidates

This questionnaire is comprised of questions aggregated by the Missouri Freedom Initiative. It comes from 6 grass roots organizations representing over 25,000 people from every voting district in Missouri. This is a great way to have more Missourians get to know you and your values on core positions important to many Missourians. These questionnaires will be made public on our web site and will be verified before posting. Please submit your finished questionnaire to If you do not submit a completed questionnaire and we have confirmed you have received info to get one, that will be reported as well.

Download the survey Survey for Senate/House Candidates

County/City Candidate Survey (coming soon)

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