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Your Contribution Matters

Please consider putting your financial faith behind our work. We do have expenses just like any other organization. Your contribution helps.

Thank you!


Donate to MOFI with Paypal.

We accept donations via crypto currency as well:

  • Bitcoin: bc1qpw3psz8sm8zjmgzu3ncx3xl0l7mseflleyxk45

  • DigiByte: DFiejW4ms4DqHsqeYWY9BjcAeiJt989UWX

  • EOS: tzwyn25qfsmu

  • Ethereum: 0xF71492300EB80576CAf39cb171Fee0900245862d

  • Litecoin: LgvhToaA7nPqAP6dG6kjvVWatbCbmQKFuy

Please Note:


Gifts and donations to the Missouri Freedom Initiative are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. 


Why? Principle. We do not accept government handouts, bribes, or tax discounts with requirements to enter into a "partnership" with a governing body we are seeking to force to adhere to constitutional limits. We see the tax “benefits” - which in turn imply the relinquishment of certain rights, such as the freedom to operate and express free speech - offered to certain organizations to be unfair, unequal, and completely unacceptable.

The Feds state that a 501c3 and other non-profit organizations serve the community and thus deserve to be tax exempt (albeit at an expense of their rights). However, we feel that hard working people such as your neighborhood plumber, carpenter, or even grocer also serves the community. Therefore, Missouri Freedom Initiative will remain “for-profit” and will never "lick the hand that feeds us" by accepting handouts or grants from Washington D.C. nor its benefactors.

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