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Happy Saturday gang. We will be live again tonight at 7:30PM tonight (1-20-24). We’ll be live on Rumble, Twitter (X), Odysee, You Tube and Facebook. We’ll talk about what’s going on in Jefferson City, silver and gold legislation and more.

Some see what is going on in Jefferson City as a madhouse, chaos, rebellion or “extremism.” Here is what I see. I see many corporatist bills making it through the legislative process. I see most grassroots bills and GOP priority bills languishing waiting for committee assignment. Two examples:

  1. Senator Mike Moon’s SJR61 (Concurrent majority IP reform) is currently the BEST bill for IP reform and the majority of Republicans support it. Yet, Caleb Rowden (Senate Pro Tem) hasn’t seen fit to assign it to a committee as of yet. Ron Calzone exposed the reason for this last year in an open letter. The Missouri Realtors Association paid out PAC money to leadership to kill concurrent majority IP reform. It’s literally that simple gang. This is the same strategy employed by House Speaker Dean Plocher last year, ignore concurrent majority IP reform completely, so is Senate Pro Tem Caleb Rowden. Both received money from the Missouri Realtors Association to do so. Rogue Politics produced a video about this in 2023.
  2. Representative Bill Hardwick’s HB1955 (Constitutional Money Act) has not seen a committee assignment either, despite its popularity and its constitutionally based ideas that have passed easily in other states with broad support from both sides of the political spectrum. Missouri seems more and more to be the epicenter of the politically partisan “Twilight Zone.” I think it’s time to swamp Dean’s office with phone calls asking for a committee assignment for HB1955. We’ll talk about this tonight.

This should NOT surprise anyone who follows Missouri politics. This is business as usual status quo stuff. IP reform is listed as the highest priority for the GOP, yet nothing is getting done with IP reform even though “leadership” in both Missouri Houses are “GOP.” “Leadership” is playing the “crazy” card with folks who are trying to keep the caucus on the straight and narrow. Sound familiar? It should ring a bell because this is the struggle we see in Washington DC as well. We have officially traveled for enough down the road of socialism that “go along to get along” politics are becoming untenable for those who are not Squishies or RINOs. This SHOULD matter in terms of legislation as well as the 2024 elections. Watching this from afar and eating popcorn will not help those literally fighting for liberty in Jefferson City. Those in Jefferson City who are fighting for concurrent IP reform deserve our support.

I visited with Paul with the Talk Junkies last Sunday night. That visit has yet to be posted on any of the Junkie’s socials. I will link it when it is publicly posted.

I visited with Ron’s Basement on Thursday morning. We were able to get 2 videos done. Video 1, Video 2 (not yet released – expected Sunday morning).

I also visited with Finance and Liberty (Dunagun Kaiser) yesterday (Friday) morning. That video will premier Sunday night (I believe).

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report had a unique and interesting show last night. John has been following the story of the Hernandez family in Georgia. Johnathan and Jennifer Williams joined John to help get information and an update on this story. This video can be found on both You Tube and Rumble.

Sam and Trish Britton with Missouri Liberty Radio will be welcoming back Dr. Charles Lewis, a doctor and an executive board member of UPMA (United Precious Metals Association). An expert on gold and silver as well as natural healing, Dr. Lewis is a fascinating person has worked for liberty by exposing political corruption, supporting legislation for natural healing, gold and silver legal tender…etc. Dr. Lewis is a popular guest on Off the Cuff and he will be taking your phone calls during the live interview. Tune in tomorrow (1-21-24) at 6:00 PM Central time to 101.3FM (Owensville Missouri) or listen live from the radio stream on Sam’s website.

PLEASE do not forget January 30th for Knock and Shock at the Missouri capitol. We’ll be working on getting silver and gold legislation going in the House and Senate. Usual time, from 9:00AM till 5:00PM. As always, I’ll have a flyer prepared and print out enough for the campaign at the capitol. When Knock and Shock is done, Retha and I have been invited back to Owensville for a follow up meeting about Gasconade RI and RII. This will be at Deb’s Barn in Owensville Missouri at 6:30 PM on January 30th (107 W. Lincoln Owensville, MO 65066). Everyone is welcome. Unfortunately, school officials in Gasconade RI and RII never seem to show up for these meetings. Media coverage in the local newspaper is coming soon, courtesy of John Grady. School districts do not have a canned defense mechanism for folks who figure out their “immoral accounting shell games and deceitful bond ballot language” so we anticipate they will continue to pull on the heartstrings of the local folks…”let’s pass this bond for the kids.”

This is an important aspect of the Missouri Freedom Initiative. We are actively making sure people understand the language on ballots concerning school bonds, we are exposing questionable and immoral accounting practices of public schools and working with folks in school districts to understand how a new bond passage will affect them financially. We have also exposed how maxing out bond capacity is a nationwide effort for the April ballot. This comes down to property rights folks, plain and simple.

BTW gang, the Senate version of the Constitutional Money Act is moving. Senator Bill Eigel’s SB735 has been voted out of committee. The Tenth Amendment Center has already reported on the status of SB735 here.

That’s about it for now gang. I hope to see you tonight on the live stream.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

Missouri Freedom Initiative

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