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Happy Saturday gang. We’ll be live tonight (1-27-24) at 7:30 PM. We’ll be on Rumble, Twitter (X), Odysee, You Tube and Facebook. We have an official call to action for Bill Hardwick’s HB1955 as it has been moved to committee but as of yet, no hearing has been scheduled. I reported on Thursday of a possible hearing but that turns out not to be the case (not the first time for me to make a mistake). I borrowed this call to action from Jim Pelis’s post on Facebook… (Nice job Jim!)


HB1955 the “Constitutional Money Act” filed by Rep. Bill Hardwick has been referred to the Financial Institutions committee chaired by Rep. Michael O’Donnell District 095.

Call and email Rep. O’Donnell’s office and politely request that he support HB1955 the “Constitutional Money Act” and schedule a public hearing ASAP.

Rep. Michael O’Donnell 573-751-3762 – Michael.ODonnell@house.mo.gov

You can also contact the members of the committee and ask for their support as well!

Rep. Terry Thompson 573-751-1462 – Terry.Thompson@house.mo.gov

Rep. Doug Clemens 573-751-1832 – Doug.Clemens@house.mo.gov

Rep. Joe Adams 573-751-4265 – Joe.Adams@house.mo.gov

Rep. Hardy Billington 573-751-4039 – Hardy.Billington@house.mo.gov

Rep. Steve Butz 573-751-0438 – Steve.Butz@house.mo.gov

Rep. Chris Dinkins 573-751-2112 – Chris.Dinkins@house.mo.gov

Rep. Rick Francis 573-751-5912 – Rick.Francis@house.mo.gov

Rep. Mike McGirl 573-751-2398 – Mike.McGirl@house.mo.gov

Rep. Jay Mosley 573-751-9628 – Jay.Mosley@house.mo.gov

Rep. Philip Oehlerking 573-751-9765 – Philip.Oehlerking@house.mo.gov

Rep. Bill Owen 573-751-2948 – Bill.Owen@house.mo.gov

Rep. Chris Sander 573-751-9766 – Chris.Sander@house.mo.gov

Rep. Bob Titus 573-751-3833 – Bob.Titus@house.mo.gov

January 30th, 2024. Knock and Shock & Rally/Protest day is this coming Tuesday. A flyer is being made for it and will be done soon. The two bills we are supporting are HB1955 (Representative Hardwick’s Constitutional Money Act) and SJR61 (Senator Moon’s Concurrent Majority IP Reform).

Knock and Shock begins at 9:00AM and officially ends at 5:00PM. We have two home bases for coats and lunchboxes, Senator Eigel’s Office (room 227) and Representative Hardwick’s office (room 205). For Backup space, we have Holly Jones office (room 115A) and Chad Perkins’s office (room 404B). After Knock and Shock is completed, Retha and I are headed to Owensville, Deb’s Diner actually for another school bond presentation specific to Gasconade RII. Anyone is welcome to attend.

I have been asked by MANY folks in the past week what the heck is going on at the capitol. We’ll talk about this tonight. We’ll also have Isaac with us tonight to open our eyes to what may be happening in the background while there is “chaos” in the Senate. (Note to self: keep tabs on Plocher and legislation that is moving in the House when other distractions arise).

The Rally/Protest: At 11:00AM on January 30th (flyer attached) on the second floor of the capitol, grassroots from all over the state of Missouri will be officially protesting the actions by Senate Pro Tem (Caleb Rowden) and the Senate Floor Leader (Cindy O’Laughlin) and their removal of 4 Senators from their committee seats. The Rally will also help to push forward IP reform legislation. This think slice of a moment in time is actually 18 years in the making. Eighteen years of General Assembly stalling, fighting, obfuscating, misdirection…etc. All the while many folks have been elected over the years with the promise of making IP reform happen. There are many arguments on both sides of this issue but the fact remains, it’s a giant loophole for folks with deep pockets to change the Missouri constitution (whether they live in state or not). Soros and Bloomberg types prey on this type to loophole in several states by funding ballot initiatives that cater to the democrat base. This year, we are facing 2 possible ballot initiatives that will restrict the right to self-defense (destroying SAPA) and put abortion up to 9 months with no restrictions in the Missouri Constitution. Senator Mike Moon’s SJR61 is the best antidote.

Concurrent majority whether based on House districts or Congressional districts WILL NOT change the signature requirements to get a petition on the ballot. For a deep dive into the mechanics of IP reform, please visit Ron Calzone’s page.

John’s Williams with the Missouri Liberty report was live last night. John reported on what his Washington DC trip was like and images he was able to capture there. He also reported on the current situation in Jefferson City. You can find the video on Rumble or You Tube.

Sam Britton with Missouri Liberty Radio will be live on Sunday at 6:00PM. Be sure to tune in!

I will be attending the Prepared Homestead meeting on Sunday (tomorrow) at 2:00 PM and will be speaking at the meeting as well.

I would like to encourage EVERYONE who possibly can to attend the rally in Jefferson City on the 30th at 11:00 AM. This is important gang. Join us for Knock and Shock too. Here’s a parking guide if you have never been to the Capitol before…

I hope to see many of you tonight.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,
Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
P.O. Box 343
Clever, Missouri 65631





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