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Hey gang! A heads up right away, there will be NO live stream today (15th) or next Saturday (22nd) as I am heading out to New Hampshire to join Citizens for Sound Money to advocate for gold and silver legal tender legislation (nationwide – state by state) in “Porcfest” (Porcupine Fest). I will be there for 7 days as a guest of Citizens for Sound Money, flying out VERY early tomorrow (Sunday) morning. All of my broadcasting gear is being packed up as we’ll need it for multiple broadcasts from New Hampshire. Be aware, the broadcasting will be happening on the Citizens for Sound Money You Tube channel and their Twitter (X) account as well. The main purpose of the broadcasts is to raise money for Citizens for Sound Money to help pay for their silver and gold legal tender legislative efforts nationwide in 2025 and to raise general awareness of gold/silver legal tender state legislation. As we (MoFI) do not solicit/accept donations, we will not air on the Missouri Freedom Initiative platforms. However, we will have very exciting guests joining us at the Sound Money booth (hosted by Alpine Gold Exchange). Please consider subscribing to the Citizens for Sound Money channel on You Tube and follow their Twitter account for updates on the broadcast schedules. We hope to get folks like Eric Brakey (Director of the Free State Project), Chris Martinson (Peak Prosperity), Luke Redowski (We are Change – Timcast IRL) and Dr. Ron Paul in the makeshift studio – in person on the Saturday broadcast but – no promises…yet 😉 Many well known folks will be joining via the Internet for the broadcasts as well. Stay tuned.

Back to Missouri business: I have received several e-mails from folks around the state asking who I intend to vote for and to help identify the RINOs in the legislature and the RINOs running for office. I will get this done but not yet. I can give basics but we (folks in the Initiative) are researching folks like Valentina Gomez (Secretary of State Candidate) before I make my final choices.

In the interim, if I may, I’d like to ask how many folks in this email list are voting for Bill Eigel for governor. If you care to, please email me back and let me know who you intend to vote for just for governor. I, personally am voting for Bill Eigel but I would like to know how many folks on this e-mail list feel the same way. In this critical juncture in time, we need more governors nationwide who are willing to tell the federal government to pound sand when it over reaches or even gets tyrannical (founding fathers gave us the 10th amendment use as a federal tyranny control valve). Parson failed on this measure (and many others) so we need a STRONG governor in Missouri, especially since we cannot seem to reduce state spending or reduce the size and scope of government in Missouri. We need a governor who is willing to turn away federal money (if necessary) and TRULY represent the people of Missouri and not special interests and especially, not acquiesce to the federal government for budget money.

I have never been the kind of person who “tells” people who to vote for. It’s actually built into my DNA. I do however share freely who I am voting for and why if asked. When it comes to state politics, I think it is best to talk to folks who visit the capital, rather than depend on political “ads” to help you decide. There are over 3,000 people on this very e-mail list and I am sure opinions differ between that many people BUT there is room for differing opinions. Let’s start talking about what Missouri could be versus what it has been for almost two decades. This helps in the selection process as well. Above all, remember the primaries are coming up in less than 2 months. Folks are looking for “voter guides” to help them make their selections (I have been asked for a voter guide MULTIPLE times so far). Many of us in the Initiative know these folks running for office personally so we have a MUCH different insight than those who are not politically engaged but want their vote to be meaningful. This is EXACTLY why folks are asking for voter guides. Let’s see what we can come up with. Since endorsing a candidate is designed to influence folks who are on the fence, and the Democrats are showing up at the Primaries in an effort to get their favorite “Republican” candidates to win the primaries

Since Democrats are voting in Republican primaries working hard to get RINOs to win primaries statewide (Operation “Strategic D”) I have changed my mind set a bit, and I think it was timely to do so. We’ve been inundated with RINOs and Corporatists in the Republican party for years! And to make matters worse, the RINOs and Corporatists always seem to end up in leadership positions in the general assembly and in many cases, statewide office. We have to recognize that and the fact the Democrats have a large hand in making the Republican party a cesspool through the primary process. We have to acknowledge that some folks do not play by the rules and there is no mechanism to MAKE them play by the rules. The best way to change this is to eliminate the open primary process (more on this at a later date). However, since we do have primaries, we have to work with it.

I have been thinking about the policy of NOT endorsing folks for office a LOT lately. When JimmyD (Jim Windle) and I started the Initiative in 2021 (officially) Jim was at my house for several days as we discussed the pros/cons of what would become organizational policy. The single subject we discussed for the longest was candidate endorsements. We decided NOT to endorse candidates because the whole idea of the Initiative was to work with EVERYONE in Jefferson City – not just the ones we personally like and folks we do not endorse who may win office may not want to work with us because we endorsed their opponent (who hypothetically lost election). As many of you remember, Jim passed away in 2022. I’ve wanted to keep the Initiative as Jim and I envisioned it. With that in mind, I am talking to core members of the group to see if there is interest in possibly making an exception to endorse candidates for statewide offices (such as governor and treasurer). We can discuss this in our next live stream in 2 weeks if you wish. Lots of input would be welcomed. Feel free to email me your thoughts on this, or join our next live stream on June 29th to give input and listen to others with their input.

Tom Martz (Locke and Smith Foundation) is holding a MOCON (Missouri Constitution) class in Nixa Missouri on Saturday, June 29th from 8:30AM to 1:00PM. I will be attending and encourage others to do so as well. It is a good idea that Organizations that promote good legislation or writing legislation have a foundational awareness of the Missouri Constitution. Many politicians and folks running for office for the first time take Tom’s class. It will be held in Nixa, Missouri and I hope to see some folks from the Initiative there while we delve into the document that we adhere to for our legislative activities. This event is free to attend and I strongly recommend that those who can, make it to this class (or another class held closer to your area). I consider this one of the most important things we can do as a legislative grassroots group.

Also, Bill Eigel will be at Family Freedom Fest in Springfield, Missouri on July 2nd along with Congressman Eric Burlison and Attorney General hopeful, Will Scharf. I will be attending this event. I encourage others who can, please make it to this event if you support Bill Eigel for governor and Eric as well as Will for their respective campaigns.

Travis (The Prepared Homestead) will be having his monthly meeting on Sunday, June 30th at the normal time. I am planning to attend. I missed Travis’s May meeting due to my work schedule.

I visited with Ron’s Basement on his live stream Thursday. You can view the video here.

That’s all for now gang. I have very limited time to get equipment packed for the event and have to get packing finished up. I will have access to my e-mail (Patrick@mofree.org) while I am there, so feel free to email me with any questions. There will be no group emails while I am in New Hampshire, so please stay tuned to Citizens for Sound Money’s You Tube channel. I will be communicating our (Missouri Freedom Initiative)  Twitter while I am there, so those who follow the organizational twitter account can keep updated with the broadcast schedule. I will be back on Missouri business as soon as I return. I don’t say this enough but I need to tell you all how much I appreciate all of you and your efforts to help make Missouri a “bastion of freedom.” Your efforts are an inspiration to me!

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

Missouri Freedom Initiative

P.O. Box 343

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