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Hey gang! It’s been a while AND it’s a Friday and there are some updates. So I thought I would e-mail everyone as early as possible.

Firstly, I am glad to be home. Although PorcFest in New Hampshire was incredibly fun (not to mention it was fun and rewarding to work with Daniel Diaz, Rob Kientz and the Citizens for Sound Money again) and the time flew by incredibly fast, I am glad to be home fighting on Missouri turf again. We have primaries coming up very soon and I need to get back to work on that. So for the updates…

On Saturday, the 29th, we will not be doing a live stream. The original plan has changed (for me). On June 29th, I was originally attending Tom Martz’s MOCON (Missouri Constitution) class. Well, Senator Mike Moon has a door knocking event that was scheduled for the same day and time. I called and spoke to Tom about this before I made any final decisions but Tom was OK with me door knocking for Moon instead of going to the Missouri Constitution class in Nixa, releasing me from my word to attend (Thank you Tom). To make matters MUCH better, Tom realized the conflict might cause some to choose to door knock for Senator Moon and has agreed to hold another class in Nixa at the same location after the primaries are over. When Tom said that, I renewed my promise to attend the next MOCON class in Nixa. The MOCON class on the 29th is still a scheduled event, so those who made plans to attend can still take the class. I will be attending the next class in Nixa, already scheduled for Saturday, August 10th – same time, same place. If you attend the class, please make a donation to Tom for the class if you can.

Door knocking:

Door knocking is probably the MOST effective way to get voters to the polls. Most candidates know this. It’s also a GREAT way to hone the skill of delivering a message quickly and effectively for a candidate. Some people may dread going out and talking to strangers about political candidates, house to house. I actually enjoy it and have always had fun (as many of you may have suspected). Details on this are included in the graphic. Senator Mike Moon has been under relentless political attack since he passed the S.A.F.E. Act in 2023 – protecting Missouri children from undue influence to change their gender chemically and/or physically until the age of 18 (adulthood). I have always been a supporter of Mike Moon in the Senate, even before redistricting when Eric Burlison was my Senator. Door knocking for Mike Moon is the least I can do for everything he has done and will do for Missouri. If you are interested, PLEASE join us to support the MOST Constitutional (by vote history) Senator that Missouri has. The Moon team will be providing push cards, yard signs, t-shirts and app access to know what doors to knock on to deliver Mike Moon’s message. Of course, Mike will be door knocking with us too. In case you are new to this list, please be aware, Mike Moon has been completely aligned with the Missouri Freedom Initiative’s activities since day 1. In fact, Moon was a HUGE supporter of SAPA and worked to get it over the finish line. Moon is not only a supporter of the Constitutional Money Act, he was the first co-sponsor of SB735. Senator Moon was also VERY supportive of our efforts to eliminate sales tax on food in 2022 and 2023. Mike Moon will be the primary sponsor in the Senate for the silver and gold bill in 2025. I do not support candidates as the founder of the Initiative, I do not wear Initiative t-shirts when door knocking in case any of you wondered about that. I am just Pat Holland when I support individual candidates.

The event begins at 9:00am when Senator Moon cooks breakfast for everyone who comes to knock on doors. Training is then provided along with all materials needed, questions answered…etc. Those who want additional training/support can group up with seasoned door knockers who are already working at this event, such as Mike Moon, Bob Titus, Luke Schrandt or myself. I, myself am planning a door knock event for Clever Missouri on the 27th of July for Bill Eigel (which will also include push cards for Mike Moon and Bob Titus and possibly Lori Rook). More details soon. If you were planning on going to Tom’s MOCON class, if you want to door knock for Mike Moon instead, another class will be held AFTER the primaries, so you can still take Tom’s class in Nixa on August 10th.

Senator Eigel in Springfield yesterday:

Gretchen Garrity posted a new Blog article about yesterday. Senator Eigel was in Springfield for a lunch time event campaign stop for S.W. Missouri grassroots leaders. Notable attendees included our friends Jodi Grace, Valerie Swearingen, Gretchen Garrity, Cary Wells and MANY others. One of the many reasons for stops like this is to make sure those who need yard signs, t-shirts, push cards…etc can get them. I do have 30 Eigel yard signs that I am delivering to the Prepared Homestead meeting this Sunday (30th). I have requests for 19 signs there but we will have additional signs for those who want them. I will “reload” when I am out of signs. Folks in the Initiative that want yard signs for folks they are supporting should get them now…now is the time. If you need help getting yard signs for whomever you support, let me know I will be happy to guide you to who you need to contact. If you are in Rick Brattin’s district, help is needed there as the swamp is going all-out to try to replace him in the Missouri Senate (similar situation with Mike Moon).

Cary Wells wanted me to pass on to the Initiative an event at his Church for Will Scharf on July 7th. Details in the graphic below. I cannot attend the event as I will be out of town.


There will be no live stream tomorrow night (29th) or on July 6th. Next week, I will be going up to Minnesota. My dad is very sick and I need to spend time with him. In fact, if you are a person of Faith, please say a prayer for him. I will try to get another e-mail out on Wednesday of next week with more updates on everything that is going on.

Folks, these primaries are important. These primaries are how the folks in Missouri can change up the chess board to make sure representation is in the people’s favor, thereby helping to eliminate legislative obstacles later. I received MANY responses to my last e-mail asking folks who they intended to vote for in the gubernatorial race. Receiving about 300 emails from the e-mail list, two folks said they are not voting for Eigel, the rest are voting for Eigel. If we were a polling agency it would be big news but our e-mail list is only about 3K and most of us are conservative and active in Missouri politics/legislation.

I intend to talk to the core group of the Initiative to work on a Missouri voter guide for statewide office. In fact, some of the discussions have begun and I will try to get some help from a few other grassroots leaders. The target date for completion is July 20th. This will be a clinical look at candidate funding and average donation size. This will help folks understand who is a grassroots candidate VS corporate candidates.

That’s all for now gang, I am running a tad late for work, so I will end it here. I thank ALL of you for participating in the process. Until next time…

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

Missouri Freedom Initiative

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