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Happy Saturday gang. We’ll be live tonight on all 4 platforms as usual, Rumble, Twitter (X), Odysee and You Tube. We have a lot to talk about tonight and this past week has been the busiest I have been this legislative season. We’ll discuss the public schools and the bonds and school board members on the April 2 ballot, the grassroots in Missouri, silver and gold (HB1955/SB735), the state wide caucus today (3-2-24) and more! If you’d like to join the conversation directly, you can join us on Guilded as well.

The conservative grassroots network in Missouri is the most impressive infrastructure for liberty this nation has seen in a long, long time. The cohesion of this liberty network can be fragile at times and stronger than titanium at times. The focus should ALWAYS be what brings us together. The psychology of division is always waiting in the darkness, waiting for an opportunity, always ready to separate us. Division between people is not a new concept, it’s as old as time itself. Division was not conceived in the light, it was always shrouded in darkness because it is the #1 tool for the accumulation of power. Government is the beneficiary of division, so are large corporations. Division works in so many ways, sometimes it works in ways that are not even perceived by the conscious mind.

Our founding fathers knew of this and drafted documents that were designed to keep the fragile, new born nation unified. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were designed to keep these United States unified under the principles of natural rights. Even John F. Kennedy acknowledged these rights and the commonalities between us all in a famous speech when he was attempting to end the cold war with Russia. JFK was attempting to unify humanity under these easily understood concepts but also knew that the undying rhetoric of the cold war with Russia was growing the US government and the unholy union with the military industrial complex. Ronald Reagan spoke of this in a different way, his famous speech at the UN about how quickly the world would be united if facing a threat from outer space.

The single largest government tool to organize/unify a society is war. I think most of us actually understand this but to what degree? Transient concepts of war are with us every day. These are the faint whispers of division that are constantly with us from governments and their agents (such as the media). Resisting these abstract concepts is an exercise in a person’s grounded principles. I have personally seen folks that I know and consider conservative friends who are supportive of growing government if they somehow personally benefit from that growth forgetting that a slice of EVERYONE’S freedom must be sacrificed for that growth. How grounded are we in the principles of restricted, restrained government?

Who are we to be? What interests for liberty are served with ANY expansion of government? What is the cost to our progeny if we grow government in ANY way? How difficult is it to roll back government growth and ANY tax increases? The Missouri Freedom Initiative found out the hard way how difficult it is to remove sales tax on food in Missouri. We put in ENORMOUS effort for 2 years just to remove that simple yet extremely unethical tax that would benefit EVERY SINGLE person in Missouri. The forces raging against this effort were obvious despite the popularity of legislation designed to remove that tax. Because of this two year effort, we learned a VERY IMPORTANT lesson. Any tax increases that are proposed for ANY reason should be resisted because it will be virtually impossible to remove them after they are implemented and that my friends, is how government grows. The government has an easy path to increase itself while reducing the people’s rights and freedoms. All we have to do, is do nothing. Government will grow itself quite easily and quickly in the current political environment of division among the people. To stop government growth, the people will have to be RESPONSIBLE for their freedom. That takes effort and effort (time, energy, resources). If the people are not willing to get off the couch and get involved, government growth can continue unabated and the people’s rights will become more restricted and eventually evaporate. The generations that follow will never know what freedoms existed before they were born… is this the legacy we want to leave behind?

I for one want to celebrate the diversity of the skill sets, abilities, interests and efforts of the grass roots in Missouri. At this point in time in Missouri, we are the guardians of liberty, the warriors who pledge our time, talent and treasure to God and the freedom He gave us. Protecting our liberties is our mandate, our calling and our passion. The coalition of the diverse conservative grass roots is the BEST hope for Missouri that we have seen and it is our time to make sure the coalition is strengthened by our commonalities. The newly formed Freedom Caucus is a part of this coalition. We have advocacy through them and their efforts. Fine tuning our goals and resolve will always be a part of this endeavor, our ships must sail in the same direction. Our collective progeny will pay the price for our lack of action. We cannot take freedom for granted anymore, the wolf is at the door.

Important Dates:

Saturday, March 9th 2024: Back to Education Forum in Springfield has been cancelled and will be re-scheduled. Stay tuned for details.

Monday, March 11th, 2024: Rally Day/Knock and Shock/Silver and Gold Day (Knock and Shock will begin at 9:00AM. We will break for the rally at 1:00 and resume after the rally is over). This is an all-day event for knock and shock. We encourage any and all to join the Missouri Freedom Initiative as we continue to support Senator Eigel’s and Representative Hardwick’s gold and silver legal tender legislation (SB735 and HB1955 respectively).

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report produced another live stream last night. He announced a new direction he is taking with his show. He also explained why. You can see John’s video on Rumble and You Tube.

Sam and Trish Britton will be live tomorrow night at 6:00PM Central. Sam will be playing audio recordings from Alex Newman and Del Bigtree and update everyone on smart meters. You can listen live from his web stream.

Hope to see you all tonight!

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,
Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
P.O. Box 343
Clever, Missouri 65631


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