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Hey gang, we’ll be live tonight at the usual time. We’ll be on Twitter (X), Rumble, Odysee and You Tube. This email will try to explain where silver and gold legislation are right now as we only have 2 weeks left of session.

As many of you know, Senator Eigel was able to third read SB735 in the Senate on Monday, April 29th. The vote total in the Senate (included below) was 21-10 in favor of the bill. Daniel Diaz (Citizens for Sound Money) and I were at the capitol all day Monday whipping votes (as was Senator Eigel) until the last second before the vote on the Senate floor. Thank you to EVERYONE who called and emailed Senators in the past two weeks. This REALLY helped to make a difference.

The bill has now been 1st and 2nd read in the House and has been assigned to Bill Hardwick’s committee – Emerging Issues. It is there the hearing will be conducted on Monday, May 6th at 2:00PM. Since we are working for a quick turnaround in committee, no one is being asked to testify. This is important, please do NOT show up at the capitol to testify on this bill. The hearing date was a special dispensation for the bill and the hearing MUST be short because of time constraints. However, we should be filling out witness forms for SB735. The link is here. I am asking for everyone to do a witness form. These can and do help, especially if hundreds of forms are filled out supporting the bill.


It’s time to call/email our reps once again and keep the energy up for SB735. Focus on your rep directly. You may have called and emailed them before on the Constitutional Money Act but it is time to remind them and to ask them to do something for you. We should all be asking our Representatives to meet with Representative Plocher to move the bill along as fast as possible. Again, this MUST be a positive campaign. So let’s stay positive and share our enthusiasm about the bill and WHY it is important for Missouri. Equally important, are the witness forms. PLEASE fill out a witness form before noon on Monday the 6th. Share this information and have your friends and family also fill out witness forms. Let’s try to get 500 or more forms filled out in support of the bill.

It’s important to know this isn’t just happening in Missouri. Approximately 9 states have legislation completed that are moving toward gold and silver legal tender and some have already been signed by their respective governors. I will be creating a flyer for this VERY soon and we’ll discuss these legislative success stories a bit tonight on the stream.


Recently, I was on a new radio show on NewsTalkSTL based in St. Louis, called the Robb Carter show. Daniel Diaz has also been on the show and so has Lori Rook (running for state treasurer). Robb’s show aligns very closely with the Missouri Freedom Initiative’s goals and charter so I suspect he’ll be interviewing a lot of candidates and grassroots leaders in Missouri this spring and summer.

Yesterday, Daniel and I were invited by Locke and Smith Foundation’s Tom Martz on the Nick Reed show on https://ksgf.com. During the 3 hour visit, Stacy Shore with Shield Maidens of Missouri joined us and in the last hour, Senator Mike Moon joined us as well. You can hear the show in parts. The first hour with Daniel, Tom and I. The second hour which Stacy Shore joins and the third hour with Mike Moon.

Now, a bit more about Senator Mike Moon. Moon has been a stalwart and ferocious defender of the US Constitution and the Missouri Constitution. He is the Senator of district 29, which includes a large chunk of S.W. Missouri. Mike took on a LOT of fire last year as his bill (SB49) was going through the legislature, a bill the Missouri Freedom Initiative was PROUD to support and work alongside other grassroots organizations. The S.A.F.E. Act was comprehensive protection of children in Missouri from transitioning from one gender to another before the age of 18. He has done so much more but that victory was HUGE and it started a direct attack on him which has culminated in establishment politicians with deep pockets to challenge his seat in the Missouri Senate. For someone who votes ONLY constitutionally in the legislature and wants to protect kids this is somewhat of conundrum. Why would establishment republicans want to replace a Senator who ACTUALLY follows his oath of office and listens to his constituents? The answer is OBVIOUS, the establishment wants Mike unseated so they do not have to put up with a Senator that votes constitutionally and is one of the precious few oath keepers representing the people in Jefferson City. Mike Moon is a HUGE supporter for the Missouri Constitutional Money Act (SB735) and is in fact, the FIRST to co-sponsor the bill. Mike is also a friend to all conservative grassroots organizations and has made his office available to them for the past 12 years (8 years in the House, 4 years in the Senate).

Although the Missouri Freedom Initiative as an organization does not endorse candidates, we should most certainly support the people we want in office as individuals. Mike Moon is my Senator and I am quite proud of the work he has done and he has my full support. In lieu of this, I wanted to make sure folks know about his campaign kick-off on May 11 (next Saturday) in Nixa, Missouri. Representative Eric Burlison will be there along with MANY grassroots leaders supporting Mike Moon. I will be there as well. I encourage everyone who can come to this event to be there. It is VERY important that we keep Senator Moon in the Senate. It is equally important that we show our support for his candidacy as he is being challenged by an establishment republican who clearly does not appreciate Mike’s constitutional stance in the general assembly. I will be there at 1:30PM. EVERYONE is welcome. You can see more about this event on Facebook.I hope to see you there.

Saturday, May 11 2:00 – 4:00 P.M. (Doors open at 1:30.)

River Stone Fellowship
2129 Bristol Lane
Nixa, MO 65714

Just a note, Citizens for Sound Money are hiring a revenue officer. You can see the job description here. If you are interested and qualify, feel free to apply for the job.

That’s all for now gang. Let’s hope and pray there is a vote today for the state convention to include gold/silver as legal tender in the Missouri Republican platform today. We’ll cover this tonight. May the 4th be with you. J

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,
Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
P.O. Box 343
Clever, Missouri 65631


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