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Hello to all you Missouri liberty lovers out there! We will be doing a live stream tonight (7:30 PM Central) on multiple platforms. Rumble, Odysee and You Tube. I have been having issues with Internet lately but am taking steps to remedy the situation. Hopefully, streaming to three platforms simultaneously will not present any issues. Also, since we are streaming to you tube tonight; we’ll have to be careful not to talk about certain topics as censorship is thick there. We’ll actually be talking about censorship tonight (among other things) as well as the state of Missouri has an active lawsuit against Biden on this.

The Supreme Court has weighed in the stay for SAPA. It did not go in our favor, the stay is gone and for now SAPA is officially overturned. I believe SAPA will be heard in November in the 8th Circuit. This is in our Attorney General’s hands (Andrew Bailey). However, I believe Ron Calzone, Dave Roland and Aaron Dorr are also involved.

On the subject of public schools in Missouri, there is a lot of new data we’re finding about certain cash flows that come from the federal government that are shutting down. This may be linked to the sudden inrush of schools seeking massive bond issuance on short notice. I’ll have some details on this tonight. With the passage of SB190 (freezing property taxes on fixed income/retired folks in Missouri) and the increasing chance of a massive financial recession (possibly depression) around the corner with dropping public school attendance rates, the big picture becomes clearer. Public schools do not want to tighten their financial belts when the communities they serve are filled with folks that HAVE TO tighten THEIR belts. If property taxes continue to be increased because of higher assessed values (especially during inflation) the schools get their share of this loot. However, despite waning attendance, it’s not enough. They want more, much more. Missouri public schools are a mess. DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) is a mess and the Missouri Public School board (state level) is a mess. Many folks do not even know what is going on with the public schools and evolving position of the department of education as well as the N.E.A. (National Education Association). We’ll talk about this tonight and their open embracing of thinly veiled communist planks within their mission statements and board member handbooks (A video about this will be coming soon). It is becoming obvious that the public schools are embracing DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) as well. Many well known liberty advocates have been saying for years to get your kids out of the public schools because of these issues and many others. Some states are trying to pass laws to place home and charter schooling under the purview of the public school district they are in. What this all means is that the state wants to control education – bypassing local control completely. This is very similar to what the Nazi and Stalin regimes did. The Prussian model is what American schools are embracing. Please consider doing some research on the Prussian school model if you are not familiar with this. Most folks do not know or fully understand the slippery slope that is American public education.

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report produced a live stream yesterday. A free for all Friday edition where John talked about some of the truths that hidden in plain view and the distractions we face that have us looking the other way. You can view his video on You Tube or on Rumble.

Retha and I will be joining Sam on Missouri Liberty Radio tomorrow night (Sunday, October 21) on “Off the Cuff” from 6 to 9 PM Central. We have a LOT to discuss on the massive public school bond initiatives in Missouri (and nation-wide) and we’ll even get into censorship and internet security. It promises to be a great show and as we get closer to November 7 and folks voting on school bonds, it’s very timely. Sam also has a link to his archives if you miss a show and would like to go back and hear it.  If you are in the Owensville, Missouri market, you can tune in on 101.3 FM. Sam also streams live on his website. This is a live call in show so folks can call in with their questions and comments.

As I had stated earlier, I am having a few Internet issues with minor random disconnections. While this is being worked on, please be patient if these issues pop up tonight during the live stream. New equipment is coming in next week from the ISP. Also, I will be hosting email directly in the next few weeks. This became a necessity and the opportunity presented itself. The web site is constantly being updated. The forums are up and running and a website event calendar is coming in a matter of days. If you like to write, we are now opening up the website blog to folks in the Initiative to start writing up articles relative to the issues in Missouri or nationwide that threatens or enhances our liberties. If you have something you’d like published, please email it direct to me at Patrick@mofree.org, you will get full credit for your work. We were pleasantly surprised to see bloggers in Missouri carrying some of our videos and the fact the grassroots are connecting and forming a more cohesive bond is VERY encouraging for the future prospects in Missouri.

I hope to see you tonight as we begin our adventures into multi-platform streaming.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

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