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Hey gang, a Tuesday email! That must mean something? It does. I am going to give you a situation report on what I know so far.

Regarding SB735, HB1955 and SB835 (The Constitutional Money Act). Let’s start with HB1955.

HB1955 (Bill Hardwick) has just been reported out Financial Institutions after an 11 week vacation under the watchful eye of Michael O’Donnell (slow walking the bill – one of the many ways to kill a bill) it has FINALLY been reported in the rules committee. This bill was replaced by a new bill written by O’Donnell. The new bill only has legal tender, removal of capital gains and the language to prevent confiscation. That’s where it is, not much we can do on that one right now but amendments are being drafted to fix the bill.

SB835 (Sandy Crawford – amended with SB735) has left the Senate and has landed squarely in Financial Institutions where presumably it will get the same language treatment that HB1955 got from O’Donnell in this committee. It will most likely have a hearing soon in this committee. Any amendments drafted for HB1955 can be used on SB835. Also, if SB835 makes it through the process in the house it will most likely go to a conference committee where it may be repaired as well.

SB735 (Bill Eigel) has been patiently waiting for its time on the Senate floor. Two times this week, it was promised floor time in the Senate but the promises unfortunately were broken. We have a call to action on this one. Cindy O’Laughlin is the floor leader of the senate and is responsible for the calendars and schedule. This is where the pressure is needed.

Before I go forward with the information, I want to impress upon everyone that ALL communication with Representatives and Senators should be cordial and positive. Calling and emailing with anger does nothing except hurt any cause you have. Persistence and perseverance is always encouraged. When calling and emailing about silver and gold bills, stay positive and even try to smile a bit when on the phone, believe it or not, that often helps. Calling and emailing Senator Cindy O’Laughlin, the floor leader of the Senate is something I ask everyone to do, and to please do it soon. The clock is ticking.

An example of the communication could be: “Hello Senator, I am calling/emailing to ask about SB735, the gold and silver bill. I noticed it was supposed to be on the floor two times this week but it was never heard. I understand you run the floor calendar for the Senate and was wondering if you could get this important bill to the floor ASAP. This bill is important for our state and is something the Missouri government can do to help every citizen in the state to have another option for transactional money that does not lose value to inflation like the dollar does.”

Senator Cindy O’Laughlin’s office number: 573-751-7985. Email: cindy.olaughlin@senate.mo.gov

Now on to SB727. This bill has been the BIG controversial bill of the year. Almost everyone hates it with good reason. See the attached email copy from Shield Maidens in the last email. Anyway, tomorrow (Wednesday, April 17) we’ll knock and shock this monstrosity. Please join us in the capitol tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00AM to 5:00PM to pressure the House to dispatch this nightmarish bill and either amend it until it stops smelling like bat feces or just put this bill out of its misery. It may be on the floor tomorrow (Wednesday).

Parking at the capitol: I usually park downhill from St. Peter’s Church in any of 3 free parking zones. Here is a capitol map for parking.

 Conceal Carry in the capitol: If you have a state issued CCW permit, you can carry your weapon in the capitol. If you are Constitutional carry, you cannot carry in the capitol. You can always leave your weapon at home base (Representative Bill Hardwick’s office Room 205).

Lunch boxes and jackets: Since Bill Hardwick’s office is our official home base for this event, you can leave lunchboxes and coats in Bill’s office.

Meeting place: We will meet in the rotunda at 9:00AM on the first floor. This is easy to find, in fact you really can’t miss it as you have to go through security before entering the building which is right outside the rotunda.

Flyers: I encourage everyone to consider making their own flyers. If you cannot, flyers will be provided that you can use.

Team Leaders: Team leaders for knock and shock are voluntary. Team leaders are usually spokespeople for the group they lead. Folks who have never done this before will quickly learn from veteran team leaders who will be there just by watching and listening. Talking with a rep is just like talking to your neighbor, there is nothing to have anxiety over.

Questions: If you have questions, please feel free to text or call me (Patrick Holland). (417) 827-3146.

Those who cannot make it to the capitol, PLEASE call your rep and ask them to vote no on this bill ASAP. Here is the roster.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage. 

Yours for liberty,

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