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It’s Friday gang and there is a lot to report on but for lack of time before I head out to work, I’ll keep this as short and to the point as possible. Not going to talk about SB727 in this. This is about the Constitutional Money Act.

Senator Eigel’s SB735 (The Constitutional Money Act) had floor time on Thursday and a “roll call” vote was taken. The vote came in 17 yes, 13 no and 4 absent. This was not a vote to pass the bill, it was a vote to see what the temperature was and if folks who voted yes last year would vote no this year. It was a mixed bag. We have some work to do. We expect a third read and vote on SB 735 next week, most likely Thursday.

Before the call to action, I want to remind everyone that the last month of session is an emotional roller coaster. What’s worse it changes every day from good news to bad news and back again. This is the same every year. For those that were with us during the SAPA legislation of 2021, you’ll probably remember this.

Attached to this email is an image of the roll call votes in the Senate. First and foremost, we need to send some love to Democrat Senator Karla May, the ONLY Democrat to vote yes on the SB735 roll call vote (and SB100 last year)! We can certainly recognize and appreciate her willingness to vote yes on a sound money bill that most democrats in the general assembly do not want no matter how much their constituents want it.


Senator Karla May can be emailed here and her office phone number is 573-751-3599. Let’s make sure Senator May knows how much we appreciate her vote on SB735. Senator May was interviewed by the film crew for the sound money TV show because she was the only Democrat to vote “yes” in the Senate last year on SB100. She is a trail blazer on this issue for her party and should be a considered source of encouragement for the Democrats to support sound money legislation.

Next is Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman. Although Senator Coleman did not vote during the roll call, she did co-sponsor the bill during the perfection process. We need to call and email Senator Coleman and thank her for co-sponsoring SB735 and let her know we look forward to her “yes” vote on third read for final Senate passage of the bill. You can call Senator Coleman’s office at 573-751-1492 and e-mail her here.

Next is Senator Lincoln Hough. Senator Hough voted yes last year on SB100 but declined to vote on the roll call yesterday for SB735. Senator Lincoln Hough wants to be the next Lt. Governor of the state of Missouri. Let’s let him know that declining to vote on the SB735 roll call (which is quickly headed on its way into the Missouri Republican platform) does not show leadership, it shows weakness. We expect more from someone who wants to be Lt. Governor especially since sound money is quickly making its way to the Missouri Republican platform. Senator Hough’s office number is 573-751-1311. You can e-mail Senator Hough here.

Finally, four Senators that need some extreme encouragement,

  1. Senator Mike Cierpoit was the ONLY republican Senator to vote “no” on SB100 last year. To no one’s surprise, he voted “no” on the SB735 yesterday. Let him know what you think of his vote. Ask him how his constituents are asking him to vote on the Constitutional Money Act. You can call Senator Cierpoit’s office at 573-751-1464 and email him here.
  2. Senator Justin Brown voted “yes” on SB100 last year but voted “no” on the roll call vote yesterday on SB735. I think phone calls and emails are in order here to question why he suddenly does not support virtually the SAME bill he voted yes for last year. Senator Brown’s office number is 573-751-5713. You can email Senator Brown here.
  3. Senator Mike Bernskoetter also voted “yes” last year on SB100 and voted “no” on the roll call for SB735 just like Senator Brown did. Let’s find out why and encourage him to vote “yes” on third read next week. Senator Bernskoetter’s office number is 573-751-2076. You can email Senator Bernskoetter here.
  4. Senator Elaine Gannon voted “yes” on SB100 last year but has inexplicably changed her vote to “no” for the roll call on SB735 yesterday. Let’s call and email the Senator end encourage her to vote “yes” on third read next week. Senator Gannon’s office number is 573-751-4008. You can email Senator Gannon here.

I cannot overstate how important this is to do. I know a lot of folks feel burned out and discouraged. However, we still have time to get this done. This call to action is VERY important and I am going to ask that everyone participate ASAP. This is not something to put off, it is something we should be working this weekend. I am also asking that EVERYONE share this with their networks and organizations immediately.

Finally, I want to say that SB735, HB1955 and SB835 would NEVER have gotten as far as they have without support. That credit goes to EVERYONE who has called, emails and showed up at the capitol to support this legislation. So my thanks to all of you who are supporting this legislation. We’re in the final month of the session (last day is May 17). Let’s keep working this and get it done. I spent a lot of time at the capitol this past week and am behind in my job. I am playing catch up once again and may have to work tomorrow (unfortunately). So in case there is no email tomorrow or live stream tomorrow night I wanted to let you all know that I will be attending the prepared homestead meeting this Sunday (21st). Also of interest, Ron Calzone of Missouri First is a featured speaker at the meeting! So if you have not met Ron, this is a good opportunity to do so. If you have never attended a meeting and are going, please email Travis at preparedhomestead@protonmail.com and let him know you want to come to the meeting. This is important since food is served there and a head count before the meetings are always helpful.

And for a bit of fun, I wanted to let you know that our friend Daniel Diaz (Citizens for Sound Money) is in Puerto Rico right now as I type this and is visiting with Mike Maloney. I am sure Daniel is sharing his stories with Mike from spending time with us in Missouri and how hard we have fought for Sound Money legislation.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,
Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
P.O. Box 343
Clever, Missouri 65631


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