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Happy Saturday gang. We’re live streaming tonight at 7:30 PM (9-2-23). I’d like to welcome the new folks that have signed up for our e-mail list and have an interest in what we do. Tonight, our focus will shift off of gold and silver as we have no new news on our legislation this week. Tonight’s topic will be about Missouri public schools and their appetite for more money. We’re sounding the alarm because there may be a nation-wide effort to max out bond capacity before an eventual housing market crash. This crash will by definition lower the valuations of homes in the district and make it more difficult if not impossible to procure bonds for the districts during the doldrums of a corrected housing market. We’ll go into a lot of detail on this tonight. Whether you live in Missouri or another state, this is definitely something to learn more about. Retha will be joining us again tonight to dive deeper into DESE’s website so you can learn more about how to investigate the financing of your school district. All are welcome to join the discussion live in our guilded server and, as always, let’s keep it clean (no foul language please), as our live streams are re-broadcast on 101.3FM (Owensville, Missouri) and through the Internet on Missouri Liberty Radio on Sundays and Wednesdays.

My apologies in advance, I did not get any time this week to prep our Rumble channel for live stream, so we will look forward to streaming to both Odysee and Rumble next week.

Tom (our web master) continues to add functionality to the new web site and the forums are taking shape. The forums will be a very important part of our group’s operations very soon. Check out the new site if you haven’t already and be sure to register for the forums.

Senator Bill Eigel is currently working on our silver and gold bill for 2024. We can realistically expect to see the final draft language in 2-3 weeks. He’s on top of it though. We need to be patient as language is being perfected for an excellent bill that can be also be used by other states as a template to create silver/gold legal tender bills in their states.

I visited with Ron’s Basement again on Thursday morning to cover some topics on gold and silver. Everything from manipulation of the price of the metals to legislation for legal tender was covered. Two videos were recorded and you can see the first one here. The second video will be released sometime later this weekend on his channel.

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report had an open forum podcast last night and covered a few national issues. You can see his video here. John is slowly moving to Rumble for his podcast presentation. John’s show can also be heard on the radio at Missouri Liberty Radio and KEYK radio in Lake of the Ozarks.

Sam Britton will be live on Sunday night with “Off the Cuff” on Missouri Liberty Radio. The show airs from 6-9PM Central time. Sam’s show is a live call in show so don’t be bashful, let your voice be heard.

That’s all for now gang, I hope to see you tonight on the live stream.

May God Bless the liberty revolution world-wide.

Yours for liberty,


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