Missouri Freedom Initiative

Happy Saturday gang! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to spend time with their families. I wanted to give everyone a heads up we will not be live streaming tonight. I have a lot of stuff on my plate that needs to be taken care of and deadlines to meet. We will be live streaming again next Saturday (December 2). In the meantime, I have in the past week joined some other folks on their channels. The first was the Silver Degen Club. The Silver Degen Club came out of Wall Street Silver and actually took control of the WSS Reddit group. This was not easy for them and there are still ongoing complications but they are slowly being worked out over time. The Silver Degen Club (SDC) is growing their presence on social media on You Tube and Rumble among others. They generally cater their content to the younger crowd and the content can be a bit crass at times. If you’d like to view these videos, they are in two parts. Part  1 on Rumble and part 2 on Rumble. The videos are on their you tube channel as well. This connection was made possible by Ronald Branstetter (Ron’s Basement). Also, I visited with Basil Rosewater with Canary Cry News Talk. This outfit is very popular and has a MASSIVE multiplatform podcast following but I will share the Rumble link. You can see the video here. They actually edited the video to include clips from the Missouri House SB100 hearing in May that really tell the story of how the Democrats worked with Representative Dean Plocher to kill the bill live on the House floor in May in Missouri. A special thanks to MoFI member Issac that made this connection with CCNT possible. It is my hope we can continue making videos with Canary Cry News Talk in the future. Please consider following their work. I did make two videos with Ron’s Basement yesterday but as of the writing, they have not been released yet. I will link them next week for those who do not follow his channel. Also this week, I have been in contact with Citizens for Sound Money. Citizens for Sound Money is working on a national campaign to get gold and silver depository legislation in as many states as possible. They are a non-profit group that does accept donations and they are organized and are working strategies in many states. We will be collaborating with them and will be helping each other as much as possible. Senator Eigel will be pre-filing the Gold and Silver bill on December 1. You will be able to see the legislation here on the Senate website when it is filed. Make sure the drop down menu says 2024 to see all the new legislation that is pre-filed. Knock and Shock at the Missouri capitol is still scheduled for January 9, 2024. A flyer for it will be made as soon as we have a bill number. John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report had a “free for all” Friday live stream last night. It was an open forum and you can see his video here on Rumble. Sam Britton with Missouri Liberty Radio will be live tomorrow night (11-26-23) at 6:00PM Central on his program “Off the Cuff.”  The plan is for David Cort to be the guest and confirmation is pending on his appearance as of the time of this writing. David is well known by folks across Missouri for his incredible work on exposing the national/state control grid for the Missouri public school system and has a foundational instruction manual on how folks can take back control of the local school district. David’s work is a large part of the new project we are working on and he graciously shares it freely and publicly speaks all over the state to educate folks on the Missouri public school system. Sam’s show is on 101.3FM (terrestrial radio) in Owensville Missouri. He also streams the broadcast from his website here. Sam’s show is a live call-in show so feel free to call in with questions and comments relative to the subject matter to let your voice be heard. The Missouri Freedom Initiative will begin a campaign in the next few weeks to educate folks in Missouri about how the public school system administrative structure actually works. This will largely be done on the website/socials with videos, downloadable flyers and data. We are collaborating with David Cort, the Ozark School Support Team and Gretchen Garrity. It is important for folks across Missouri to understand they do not have local control of their public school, why they do not have local control and who are the main players in this control structure. We aim to do that so folks who WANT local control consider very strongly getting involved and possibly running as a candidate for the board in their local districts to take back their school, its curriculum and stopping expensive and unnecessary bonds from being voted in by way of deceptive language on the ballot. This will easily translate into a national campaign since most states have the same problems and control grid Missouri public schools have. Retha and Gretchen will be heading up this project in the Initiative. That’s all I have for now. I want to say that I am thankful for all of you and all of your efforts to help make Missouri a bastion of freedom, expose corruption and participate in the political process. May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage. Yours for liberty, Patrick Holland Missouri Freedom Initiative P.O. Box 343 Clever, Missouri 65631 patrick@mofree.org https://mofree.org https://odysee.com/@MissouriLibertyAlliance:1 https://twitter.com/MissouriLibert2