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Hey gang, I wanted to let you all know that we will not be live streaming tonight. My work schedule this past week has been crushing and I have to work today as well. However, I wanted to remind everyone of events coming up.

First of all, Retha has produced a video about Rockwood R-IV school district (Eureka Missouri). You can find the video here.

It is likely the last video we will release about individual school districts before the November 7 ballot (Tuesday). Retha has done a tremendous job diving into all the numbers of these school districts showing what their actual debt is. It still amazes me that school boards and superintendents will not produce this information for residents in their districts before a bond vote. I have found in my years of being politically active that many people who are in elected office desperately want to talk about transparency while at the same time be opaque about most activities they are involved with. It has never been our job or the intention of the Initiative to “tell” people how to vote on a ballot, we are doing our best to provide information about what they are voting on and what the financial impacts will be. I have not had any time this week to create a video describing the words “no tax increase bond issue” that most schools nationwide will use of their ballots but that phrase has been outlawed in the state of Texas. It has been outlawed in Texas because it is in fact a lie. If you see that on a ballot, understand that it an intentional attempt by the school boards across the nation to deceive the people into voting for a tax increase.

Tomorrow, I will be in Eureka Missouri for a legislative meet and greet. I will be joining John Williams (Missouri Liberty Report) & Tom Martz (Locke and Smith Foundation) for a meet and greet with Representative Holly Jones (House District 88) and Representative Justin Sparks (House District 110). This event is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend. The purposes of these meet and greets are many fold… (Obviously, to meet with your Representative) however, discussions with your representatives in the district they represent is actually the first step for many folks to actually get involved in the Missouri government. At these events, you will find out what YOUR representative’s legislative priorities are and in turn you can communicate with them what YOUR priorities are. It is the single BEST way to influence your representation and get a conversation going with the folks that actually represent you in the Missouri government if you have not met them before. Grassroots organizations (Locke and Smith Foundation, Missouri Liberty Report and Missouri Freedom Initiative) will also be there and will speak as well talking about their priorities which are shared by folks all over the state. It is also a great time to voice your concerns about issues Missouri faces and your communities face. Government works best when everyone has a voice and the channels of communication are open. It is our hope that after the meet and greet is over, you continue communicating with these representatives via email, phone calls and visits to Jefferson City.

John Williams had Sam and Trish Britton on the Missouri Liberty Report on Friday (11-3-23). Discussion included a deep dive into smart electricity meters that most of us have on our homes.

Sam Britton will be live again on Sunday night (11-5-23) from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. If you are not in the Owensville, Missouri area, you can catch Missouri Liberty Radio streamed live from Sam’s website. “Off the Cuff” is Sam’s weekly show on the station and it’s a live call-in show.

There are 2 important dates this coming up week.

  1. November 7th. It’s a special election Tuesday. Many school districts in Missouri and across the nation will be voting on maxing out the bond capacities in their districts in a nationwide coordinated effort, keeping their districts in debt for another 20 years. Most folks don’t even know this November 7th vote is even going on.
  2. November 8th (Wednesday) the Missouri Ethics Committee will be meeting again (presumably to continue what was started last week). If you haven’t called and emailed all the representatives on the ethics committee AND your representative yet, please do so as soon as you can. Even if you call at night and leave a voice mail, please do call. For your convenience, the names and numbers are listed below. Please refer to last week’s email for links to stories about House Speaker Dean Plocher and what he has been accused of if you are not informed on this issue. Byron Keelin with Freedom Principal Missouri, Jodi Grace with Missouri Freedom Foundation and Patrick Holland with Missouri Freedom Initiative have openly called for Dean Plocher to be removed from office. Let’s make sure the Missouri legislature know that corruption and corporatism will no longer be tolerated in Missouri government AND that YOU are watching them.


1.  Call & email each ethics committee member listed below.   Request they remove Dean Plocher from his House seat entirely at their meeting Wednesday (November 8th).   Rep Hannah Kelley will be the one in charge and leading the group.

Committee Chair,  Rep Hannah Kelley      573.751.2205  hannah.kelley@house.mo.gov

Vice Chair, Rep Richard Brown     573.751.7639   richard.brown@house.mo.gov

Rep Jerome Barnes     573.751.9851      jerome.barnes@house.mo.gov 

Rep John Black     573.751.1167.    john.black@house.mo.gov

Rep Paula Brown.     573.751.0100    paula.brown@house.mo.gov

Rep Cyndi Buccheit-Courtway     573.751.7735  cyndi.buccheitcourtway@house.mo.gov

Rep David Evans    573.751.1455   david.evans@house.mo.gov

Rep Rick Francis   573.751.5912    rick.francis@house.mo.gov

Rep Robert Sauls   573.751.5701.     robert.sauls@house.mo.gov

Rep Marlene Terry    573.751.6845.    marlene.terry@house.mo.gov

Find your Representative in the Missouri House Roster

For those of you who have contacted me this week, I apologize for not getting back to you. Between Monday and Friday, I have worked just under 80 hours and have not had the time to get back to anyone this week.

That’s all for now gang, I hope to see some of you in Eureka tomorrow. Remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour before you go to bed tonight.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

Missouri Freedom Initiative

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