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Happy Saturday gang. We’ll be live tonight (10-14-23) at 7:30 PM. We’ll be discussing what happened to Missouri’s SAPA law and what’s next move for the court system. This is in the court system and there is little for us to do other than call up our Attorney General (Andrew Bailey) in a show of support for the battle he must now wage to get the stay re-instated and ultimately get the 8th circuit court’s decision in front of the Supreme Court (via Justice Brett Kavanaugh). Join us on Odysee or on Guilded for tonight’s stream. Here’s a video from Washington Gun Law that covers the current state of the SAPA law. Let’s not forget, this case is possibly the MOST important case on the SCOTUS docket. The underlying principal of SAPA (anti-commandeering doctrine) has over 200 years of precedence within the court system and is the basis for sanctuary cities (which the DOJ ignores) and decriminalizing marijuana (which the DOJ ignores). Missouri’s SAPA law is literally the battle line for states’ rights and for the people and their states to call out unconstitutional acts by the federal government and legislatively work corrective action against the federal government by using the 10th Amendment.

The Initiative has been placing some of our attention on the Public Schools and the national story we are developing about many public schools nation-wide wanting to max out bonding capacity in November 2023 and April of 2024. A video has already been released yesterday that is specific in nature. The video is an educational video that teaches folks in Missouri how to investigate the budget, finance, debt of your specific school district all from the DESE website. This information is usually missing from the conversation when schools are asking the community for more money. It’s important to be armed with this information when engaging school officials about bond issues you may be facing very soon. You can see the video here. Soon, we will release a video covering the mission statement of the Missouri state school board and the board member hand book. These will absolutely shock some people while others will simply nod as they read saying “I KNEW IT!” We need good, Constitutional people to run for school board positions statewide.

Rogue Politics has released a new video about a joint project with the Initiative. It was a Sunshine request from the representatives in the Missouri House on the Fireside software. They reported on the resulting answers and some of the anomalies with the answers. Please check out their new video.

The Missouri Liberty Report released an interview with Will Sharf who is running for the Attorney General office in Missouri. The video can be seen here on Rumble or here on You-Tube. Will can see the liberal/communist agendas rearing its ugly head in Missouri and his platform is to stop this agenda in Missouri.

Sam Britton’s show “Off the Cuff” will be on tomorrow (Sunday) night (10-15-23) at 6:00PM Central. You can listen to the stream live at Sam’s website.

The language is out for the silver/gold bill! This is a draft and it may still change but it is out and available to view on our forums page. We’ll talk about this tonight as well.

While folks are distracted by federal politics, the war in Israel and the Ukraine, another war is silent and fought by few people. The war is waged by regular, average people fighting against the conversion of the United States into a 2nd world feudalist society by compromised politicians and special interests. This war does not get coverage in the MSM, nor does it enjoy any funding and it is usually censored out of social media. This war is being fought in Missouri. The battle lines are many and are constantly surrounding us but remain unseen by most folks. Let’s pray that more folks get involved in this battle before the damage is irreversible.

A legislative meet and greet with Representatives Holly Jones and Justin Sparks has been scheduled for November 5 in Eureka, Missouri. The flyer with all  the details can be seen here.

This past week was a bit unusual for me as over 60 people have been trying to have direct contact with me about Missouri issues or Initiative business via phone, text, email and twitter DM. For those of you who are in this email list and have not been contacted back please be patient with me as I am working that list in order. We may need to start working the forums with this because I only have so much time available. Many folks are asking the same basic questions or requesting the same information. We’ll need to be as efficient as possible. I think the forums on our website will help with this a great deal. We’ll talk about it tonight.

That’s all for now gang. I hope to see you tonight on the live stream. Please share a link to tonight’s broadcast on your socials.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

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