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Good evening gang. If you didn’t already know, Representative Dean Plocher is in hot water (again).

I am sending out this email tonight as a call to action. Dean Plocher has continued to show his unfaithfulness to the Missouri people. Dean’s latest shenanigans has been discovered through a sunshine request and he has apparently been double dipping on his expense re-imbursements for 5 years. Please read the article here. Many people (including myself) are asking for a resignation or for the House Ethics Committee to unseat him as can be read here. Jodi Grace has written a blog post calling for his removal from office as well. I have already produced a video on this if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a few minutes to watch. Keep in mind this latest breach of trust is right on the heels of his last scandal with the Fireside software debacle and firing his chief of staff. This constant, never ending spectacle of corruption is coming from a man who currently holds one of the  most powerful positions in Missouri politics and wants to be the next Lt. Governor. Rogue Politics has just released a video about this as well and even had Senator Eigel on to comment on the situation. This never ending stream of Dean’s corruption  is embarrassing for our state and shameful for our legislature.

It is imperative that the people of Missouri have representation that have integrity and are of upstanding character. Over the last few months have revealed that Speaker Plocher does not embody these qualities. The reason that this is important is that I ask you to call and email your representative in the Missouri General Assembly. 

I also ask that you call and email  the Missouri Ethics Committee before 10:00 AM Friday morning (10-27-23). They are meeting Friday at 10:00 AM and though it is unclear why they are meeting there is speculation it is around Rep. Plocher. Please call this committee, it is really important! These people are responsible for the integrity of the legislator and need this is their problem because they have let this happen after repeated scandals have surrounded Dean and his office as Speaker.

I have already e-mailed everyone on the ethics committee and my Representative (Bob Titus) my thoughts and that the only reasonable solution is to unseat Representative Plocher from his seat of the 89th House District. I will call them all tomorrow as well. Time is of the essence here. Even Senator Eigel is calling for Plocher to resign (as are others in Missouri Politics). Expecting Dean to resign on his own is like expecting to be able to raise the Titanic with tweezers. The ethics committee should “force” his resignation, and do so quickly (IMHO). Please help with this effort if you are tired of the never ending corruption in Jefferson City. Thousands of phone calls and emails should be going in to Jefferson City on this issue. These efforts are necessary to help drain the Jefferson City swamp.

We will again have a live stream Saturday at 7:30pm but until then please communicate to your representative and the Missouri Ethics Committee. Please share this information with others. Please email back with any questions. Please refer to the following links for all contact information:

MISSOURI SPEAKER NEEDS TO GO: https://jodigrace.com/blog/43984/missouri-speaker-needs-to-go

Missouri House Roster: https://house.mo.gov/MemberRoster.aspx

Thank you

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative





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