Missouri Freedom Initiative


Our Freedom is in the budget

By Goatfoot

2023 has been an incredible year for our great State of Missouri. We had a low bill to law threshold in the Legislature. Many people have announced bids to run for State Office. Plus a house leader that continues to be in scandal and making hiring decisions that are counter to Missourian values (at least I hope so). Though the most critical thing that came into pass this year was our record passing of our 50 billion dollar budget. Budgeting at this rate is unsustainable and will lead us as a state into further tyranny rather than liberty.


Going into 2024 we have to be cognizant of the appropriation bills coming before our legislators. Questions we should be asking as constituents, does my rep actually read the budget? Will the things being appropriated adequately help me or hinder my life goals? How does the budget impact future generations? These are reasonable questions, but at the end of the day it’s easy for those in Jefferson City to see numbers on a page. They forget that hardworking people with paying jobs fund these bureaucratic machines.


Missouri is very volatile right now, with 2024 issues regarding the ballot initiative and abortion access about to be constitutionally mandated, are we forgetting the most important piece? The budget determines if anything legislation has teeth. In 2021 brave republican representatives decided to not fund the medicaid expansion that was passed via ballot initiative. It was a sweeping justice against the problems we currently have with the initiative petition reform that needs to take place. Now unfortunately the Missouri Supreme Court made the General Assembly fund Medicaid expansion, but it showed a glimmer of hope that those that represent us can look out for our pocket book.


Going into 2024 we need to have as many eyes on the budget. The resources the media and those in leadership have to distract us is insurmountable. Missouri cannot keep passing 50 billion dollar budgets. We have to be untethered from the federal government and we have to hold our legislators’ feet to the fire. We the people can only save Missouri; being fiscally responsible is the only way that will lead to financial prosperity and ultimately a free people that so happen to live in Missouri.

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