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Hey gang! It’s a Tuesday e-mail, so we know what that means, don’t we? A call to action. Let the campaign for grassroots support of the Constitutional Money Act begin!

Here’s HB1955’s actions to date.

HB1955 has MORE co-sponsors than ANY other bill currently in the House (31 to be exact) largely due to all of you! Thank you!

The bill is currently bottle-necked in the Financial Institutions committee. This legislative practice is most commonly referred to as “slow walking.” We still have plenty of time to get it done but we MUST keep it moving, and everyone’s help would be most appreciated. Here’s the plan….

Step 1: Let’s call/email Financial Institution committee members ASAP and show our support for this bill. Remember, when serving on a committee, these representatives represent the ENTIRE STATE in their committee assignment roles, not just their district constituents. You can even ask for them to co-sponsor the bill if they haven’t already. Please feel free to contact them all. This MUST be a positive campaign. Honey works much better than vinegar. Be sure to tell them WHY you like the bill and how it helps Missourians. Contact information for the committee members as follows. Those who have already co-sponsored HB1955 are noted. The idea here is to get these committee members to report to their chairman that they are receiving a lot of communication from Constituents about this bill and are urging its passage through the committee. Please do not forget to ask for a co-sponsorship for those who have not co-sponsored yet.

Best practices: Smile when you talk with them or leave a message. Most folks can hear a “smile” on the phone. Keep messages somewhat short and to the point via phone or e-mail. Stay positive in your communications and expectations and be sure to give a reason or two as to WHY you would like to see this bill passed into law. Example: “This is the best idea I have seen legislatively that actually deals with inflation and the impending threat of a Central Bank Digital Currency.” Or “This is a great way to show the people of Missouri that you are defending and protecting the Constitution! Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution says gold and silver are money.” Feel free to ask them how they intend to vote if you speak with them.

Representative Terry Thompson (Vice Chair)(R)
Phone: 573-751-1462
E-Mail: Terry.Thompson@house.mo.gov
Representative Doug Clemens (ranking Democrat)(D)
Phone: 573-751-1832
E-Mail: Doug.Clemens@house.mo.gov
Representative Joe Adams (D)
Phone: 573-751-4265
E-Mail: Joe.Adams@house.mo.gov
Representative Hardy Billington (R) Co-Sponsor
Phone: 573-751-4039
E-Mail: Hardy.Billington@house.mo.gov

Representative Steve Butz (D)
Phone: 573-751-0438
E-Mail: Steve.Butz@house.mo.gov
Representative Chris Dinkins (R)
Phone: 573-751-2112
E-Mail: Chris.Dinkins@house.mo.gov
Representative Rick Francis (R)
Phone: 573-751-5912
E-Mail: Rick.Francis@house.mo.gov
Representative Mike McGirl (R)
Phone: 573-751-2398
E-Mail: Mike.McGirl@house.mo.gov
Representative Jay Mosley (D)
Phone: 573-751-9628
E-Mail: Jay.Mosley@house.mo.gov
Representative Philip Oehlerking (R)
Phone: 573-751-9765
E-Mail: Philip.Oehlerking@house.mo.gov
Representative Bill Owen (R)
Phone: 573-751-2948
E-Mail: Bill.Owen@house.mo.gov
Representative Chris Sander (R) Co-Sponsor
Phone: 573-751-9766
E-Mail: Chris.Sander@house.mo.gov
Representative Bob Titus (R) Co-Sponsor
Phone: 573-751-3833
E-Mail: Bob.Titus@house.mo.gov

Step 2: Wednesday, March 6th, 10:00AM Central Time Did anyone notice that I didn’t list the chairman of the committee in the above contact info? There is a reason for that. We like to save the best for last. Tomorrow morning (3-6-24) at 10:00AM Central I will be joining Ron’s basement (You Tube channel) for a live stream. During this live stream, we are going to fill up Chairman Michael O’Donnell’s voice mail. Folks will be asked during the stream to make a call to his office to support an executive session to vote HB1955 out of his committee. Let’s make sure Chairman O’Donnell knows how much Missouri loves this bill and why. I encourage everyone to join in. O’Donnell’s voice mail can only hold 75 messages. Let’s fill it up. When we’ve filled it up, we’ll move on to the vice chair’s phone number. We’ll encourage e-mails to Chairman O’Donnell at the same time as well.

Representative Michael O’Donnell (R) Chairman
Phone: 573-751-3762
E-Mail: Michael.ODonnell@house.mo.gov

My thanks in advance for helping get this bill moving again. Of special note, several Republican Central Committees statewide have voted to include Sound Money in the 2024 Republican Platform (thanks to Bev Ehlen.) J

Please don’t forget Monday, March 11 for Knock and Shock starting at 9:00AM in the capitol. Watch for the Saturday e-mail for more info. On the same day, the Freedom Rally is at 1:30PM in the rotunda. There may be a surprise or two. Calling all grassroots to attend this rally!

Please email me if you have any questions. I’ll get back with you ASAP. Let’s finish what we started and get Representative Hardwick’s Constitutional Money Act (HB1955) across the finish line.

I hope to see you guys tomorrow morning on the Ron’s Basement live stream.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,
Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
P.O. Box 343
Clever, Missouri 65631


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