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It’s Monday. I am going up to the capitol today for some SB735 (Constitutional Money Act) business but wanted to get this email out before heading to Jeff City.

On Wednesday, folks can join Travis & Rivkah (Prepared Homestead), Kirby Lane (Rogue Politics) and I (as well as many other grassroots leaders) as we let the legislature know one more time that SB727 is simply not acceptable as written. I have included the official Missouri Freedom Initiative flyer that we will be handing out to reps on Wednesday. The event is from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Many folks can’t stay that long, other folks can’t show up until the afternoon. This is fine and is standard fare for knock and shock operations.

It is important for people to understand that we, in the Initiative HAVE shut down bills before. We have joined forces with other grassroots in Missouri to do so as well. We’ve been very successful in doing so in the past. SB727 is quite different for many reasons but this is truly an all hands on deck moment. Please consider joining us at the capitol on Wednesday. I realize this is short notice and I am sorry for that but it is necessary that we do this, one more time to either amend or kill this bill.

Parking at the capitol: I usually park downhill from St. Peter’s Church in any of 3 free parking zones. Here is a capitol map for parking.

Conceal Carry in the capitol: If you have a state issued CCW permit, you can carry your weapon in the capitol. If you are Constitutional carry, you cannot carry in the capitol. You can always leave your weapon at home base (Representative Bill Hardwick’s office Room 205).

Lunch boxes and jackets: Since Bill Hardwick’s office is our official home base for this event, you can leave lunchboxes and coats in Bill’s office.

Meeting place: We will meet in the rotunda at 9:00AM on the first floor. This is easy to find, in fact you really can’t miss it as you have to go through security before entering the building which is right outside the rotunda.

Flyers: I encourage everyone to consider making their own flyers. If you cannot, flyers will be provided that you can use.

Team Leaders: Team leaders for knock and shock are voluntary. Team leaders are usually spokespeople for the group they lead. Folks who have never done this before will quickly learn from veteran team leaders who will be there just by watching and listening. Talking with a rep is just like talking to your neighbor, there is nothing to have anxiety over.

Questions: If you have questions, please feel free to text or call me (Patrick Holland). (417) 827-3146.

Those who cannot make it to the capitol, PLEASE call your rep and ask them to vote no on this bill. Here is the roster.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,
Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
P.O. Box 343
Clever, Missouri 65631


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