Missouri Freedom Initiative


Who is Kirby?
Kirby Lane is a dedicated grassroots activist hailing from Missouri, driven by a passion to amplify the genuine voice of its residents. Recognizing the persistent disconnect between state governance and its citizens, Kirby took the bold step of venturing into the world of podcasts to address these concerns. As the co-host of ‘Rogue Politics,’ she fearlessly delves into the intricate web of politics, special interests, and the unseen monetary influences that characterize the Missouri political landscape. Through her work, Kirby aspires to untangle the complexities of ‘politics as usual,’ ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of Missourians take center stage.


Who is Catherine?
Catherine Dreher is a Professor of Communications and a fervent political activist. She obtained her graduate degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2001 and has since built a commendable career. Catherine advocates for the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and self-ownership. For over a decade, she has tirelessly worked at the local level to advocate for these ideals, manifesting in tangible achievements like the ban of red light cameras in St. Charles County, where she resided for 12 years. Catherine’s commitment to private property rights was evident during her tenure on the County Board of Zoning Adjustment. Her move to Lincoln County in 2017 marked a new chapter, with her active role in Mike Wood’s campaign for Prosecuting Attorney, a campaign she viewed as a victory of liberty over corruption. Independent in thought and action, Catherine remains unaffiliated with special interest groups, consistently championing liberty at the state level and beyond.

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