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Happy Saturday, gang! As we gear up for tonight’s live session 7:30 PM Central on Rumble, Twitter (X), Odysee and You-Tube, we’re setting the stage for a conversation that extends beyond our usual discussions. While we often delve into strategies for legislative success in Missouri, tonight’s focus shifts to the underlying imperative of the Constitutional Money Act.

The urgency of this matter cannot be overstated. Citizens for Sound Money, with Daniel Diaz at the helm as Executive Director, has been an important ally in our quest to pass sound money legislation in Missouri. Daniel joins us tonight to dissect the precariousness of our current financial system, underscoring the necessity for a viable alternative.

The looming shadow of a potential economic downturn, particularly in the realm of commercial real estate, has sparked concerns of a crisis that could dwarf the turmoil of 2008. These discussions, largely absent from mainstream media, have found a home on alternative platforms, highlighting a brewing storm that could have profound impacts on us all.

This narrative of fiscal distress extends to the education sector, where schools, rather than tightening belts, have leveraged recent bond approvals to secure funding, amplifying the tax burden on local communities. This trend, echoing the fiscal challenges of states like Illinois, serves as a stark reminder of government priorities, often at odds with the well-being of its citizens.

In times of economic strain, gold and silver have historically provided a buffer. Yet, in our current climate of unchecked monetary expansion and bailout culture, the true allegiance of governments is laid bare. As we navigate an environment rife with financial pitfalls, from perilous interest rates to the specter of over-leveraged derivatives, the Federal Reserve’s playbook seems all too familiar—more printing, rate manipulation, and a push towards digital currencies, all at the populace’s expense.

Missouri stands at a crossroads, with its gold and silver legislation not only safeguarding the state but also setting a precedent for others to follow. Our efforts in Missouri are watched closely, as we endeavor to forge a path that others might emulate in the face of fiscal adversity.

Join Daniel and me tonight on Missouri Liberty Radio for a dialogue that promises to be enlightening. With key figures in the gold and silver community poised to contribute, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss. To ensure accessibility, we’ll also be streaming live on the Missouri Freedom Initiative’s social channels.


I made a mistake with my last email, Daniel and I will be on Sam Britton’s show “Off the Cuff” on Missouri Liberty Radio tomorrow night, Sunday April 7th from 6:00PM to 9:00PM Central. We will stream Sam’s show from the Missouri Freedom Initiative’s streams as well. Tonight, the regular live stream as stated and linked in the previous email. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused.

But our engagement doesn’t end with gold and silver. We’re also spotlighting legislation, like Senator Jason Bean’s SB782 on water rights, that demands our attention. Witness my live call to Senator Mike Moon’s office, as we advocate for killing legislation that threatens our freedoms in Missouri.

Don’t miss out on this vital conversation. Your presence and participation are more crucial than ever as we navigate these turbulent times together.

See you tonight!

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
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