Missouri Freedom Initiative



What is the Missouri Freedom Initiative?

The Missouri Freedom Initiative is more than just a name, it’s clarion call for individual states to reclaim their rights for their residents using powerful tools such as (but not exclusively limited to) the 10th Amendment and anti-commandeering doctrine. Our organization began under the You-Tube channel called “Truth, Money and Freedom Podcast.” Under that name and banner, we worked with many other Missouri organizations to help get Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act over the legislative finish line. Once SAPA was signed into law, we organized under the name “Missouri Liberty Alliance” until we were sued by Liberty Alliance USA to change our name and finally to Missouri Freedom Initiative.

Although we are well known by folks in Missouri and the Missouri General Assembly currently as the main supporters for gold and silver legal tender legislation, we do MANY other activities as well. We are extremely active and regularly e-mail, call and visit Missouri legislators on behalf of the legislation we support or to kill the legislation that must die – solely based on the United States and Missouri Constitutions and the Bill of Rights.

Under this principle, we regularly organize visits to Jefferson City (Missouri capital) and perform “knock and shock” operations. This is nothing more than concerned citizens showing up in large numbers and visiting legislators face to face in their offices in the capital. These are not rallies or demonstrations. We actually see how many of our folks we can squeeze into a legislator’s office so we can talk to them about bills we support and WHY we support them (So far our record is 30 folks). Every legislator is visited individually and receives individual attention from our group so they know we care about them.

The organizing principal of our group is simple, yet very powerful. The members of the Missouri Freedom Initiative are active and they show up. If you aren’t ready or willing to speak to legislators, join us on a knock and shock campaign and watch and learn from others in the group. Become a part of the process by making sure your voice is heard and that your legislators know what you are thinking about matters in Missouri. Government works best when it listens to and responds to the will of the people. We help provide an avenue for folks who want to learn how to connect with legislators and work the legislative process. The more the merrier!

We are also very active in local matters, such as public school finance investigations.

The Initiative is also active in helping other states with liberty legislation.

Stay tuned for website updates and new functions and our calendar for events.

-Patrick Holland


The Missouri Freedom Initiative (MOFI) is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting the following ideals in Missouri’s culture and legislature: The US Constitution, The Missouri Constitution, all causes that promote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all Missouri residents including but not limited to: lower taxes, property rights, the right to bear arms, school choice, pro-life, and many more. We do not promote the right/left paradigm, we simply promote liberty in the spirit of the American founding fathers. Join us on our bold mission to make Missouri a bastion of freedom and to reject political and cultural tyranny from any source with an emphasis on exposing and ending political corruption at all levels in Missouri politics.

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