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Happy Saturday gang! Tonight is the night as is our tradition to select from the pool of pre-filed bills which 5 bills we will be supporting as an organization. For those who have not joined us before for this event, please do consider joining us in Guilded, which is our streaming platform. If you choose to join us in Guilded and have not done so before, please be in at 7:00 PM so we can help iron out any technical difficulties you may have. We are always in at least half an hour before the stream starts. We’ll be live on Rumble, Odysee and You Tube as well as Twitter (X) and Facebook.

The criteria are as follows.

  1. You must be a resident of Missouri
  2. Please do not bring bills or vote if you are not actively involved with MoFI (you MUST have skin in the game).
  3. Please do not bring more than 5 pre-filed bills for consideration. If you only bring 1 bill, that’s fine too.
  4. Bills brought forth MUST be aligned with the sovereignty of the state and residents of Missouri.
  5. We will not pursue elimination of food sales tax in Missouri in 2024 as Dean Plocher has single handedly prevented all attempts in the House in the past 2 years in his capacity as floor leader AND House speaker. We have no indication he will change on this measure.
  6. Bills must align with both the US Constitution and the Missouri Constitution. (We’ll help you with this on the live stream).
  7. Be polite as you argue the case for the bills you bring forth AND bills you might argue against.
  8. I’ve already had A LOT of communication from folks in the group who do not participate in the live streams that are just interested in silver/gold legal tender legislation and said they trust the group to decide on other bills without their input. I did let them know they would have to be present either by live social media chat or Guilded to vote for gold/silver.

We also select bills to kill but that is not as important for tonight’s stream. We will need to know what bills will be on the knock and shock handout for January 9. Pre-filed bills in the House can be found here. Pre-filed bills in the Senate can be found here.

I joined Locke and Smith’s Tom Martz on KSGF 104.1 FM radio yesterday (Friday, 12-29-23) at 6:00AM for a chat about Missouri legislation and the legislature. It was archived and can be heard here. It’s always a treat when Tom invites me in to the studio. I am making plans to try to be at Scramblers in Springfield, Missouri for the live broadcast next week on Friday (January 5, 2024) from 6:00 to 9:00 AM. I will not be a part of the broadcast but will be there all the same. Folks are welcome to join to watch/listen to the live Nick Reed show. Tom hosts one hour of the show.

John Williams is enjoying a one week vacation from you-tube and had his weekly live stream exclusively on Rumble yesterday (Friday, 12-29-23). Since you tube does not allow any critical thinking of any kind regarding the covid vaccine (along with a huge variety of other topics) John received a strike on his previous broadcast. For those looking for the previous podcast that has been “exterminated” from you tube, never fear, it is on Rumble.

Sam Britton with Missouri Liberty Radio will be taking a break tomorrow (Sunday, December 31) and will re-run his 12-17-23 program with Scott Griffith and John Williams. I am scheduled to Join Sam and Trish as their guest on Sunday, January 7, 2024.

That’s all for now gang. I hope to see many of you tonight.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

e-mail to:patrick@mofree.org

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