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Happy Saturday gang. We will be live again tonight (1-13-24 7:30 PM) with several topics. You can join us on any of these links. Twitter (X), Rumble, Odysee, You Tube and Facebook.

Recently, a Missouri omnibus bill that was passed in 2022 was struck down by the Missouri Supreme Court. It was unconstitutional and many of the people who voted for it knew that the title had problems. This is why bill titles matter in the legislative process. Single subject bill titles often go through changes as amendments are added. We saw SB100 go through 3 title changes and each change broadened the scope of the bill making it ripe for amendments that had nothing to do with silver or gold legal tender. This is how “Christmas tree” bills are created. Every time the bill title changes to a less specific subject, more ornaments (bills) can be “placed on the tree.” This problem has been known for quite some time and no matter who is internally elected to leadership this is never addressed. This is generally never discussed because in almost all instances, Squishies (Corporatists) and RINOs are elected to leadership positions. This is an ongoing problem that is beginning to get some attention because of the recent Supreme Court decision as well as Senator Eigel’s recent discussion on the Missouri Senate floor. With the inclusion of HR11 (passed by the Missouri House on January 11, 2023) we have all the ingredients necessary for more omnibus Christmas tree bills. Folks like Tom Martz (Locke and Smith Foundation) and Ron Calzone (Missouri First) have been shouting from the roof-tops about this problem for decades. In recent years, Senator Mike Moon has regularly brought this topic up on the Senate floor to deaf ears – repeatedly. We’ll consult the seldom followed Missouri Constitution and view its haunting disposition on this VERY topic tonight. We’ll also discuss more recent omnibus bills that have used medical tyranny that can be tracked back to the World Health Organization’s agenda. Also, Senator Caleb Rowden (Senate Pro Tem) admitted to not reading bills before bringing them to the floor for a vote and allowing omnibus bills to be voted on without reading them. We can be thankful for his honesty but that doesn’t help the fact that SB70 and SB157 passed in 2023. Both bills turn over Missouri’s oversight on Missouri medical licensure to unelected federal authorities. Most folks didn’t even know this happened – including me. The current best solution is OBVIOUS and VERY Constitutional. The General Assembly should vote down any and all Christmas tree bills from this point forward, even if good bills are stuck to the omnibus bill, the subject matter and single title bills NEED to be how business is conducted in Jefferson City to keep tyranny out of our state AND to stay Constitutional. I would love to blame lobbyists for this problem too but it’s akin to blaming a scorpion for stinging its prey – it’s the scorpion’s nature to do so. Lobbyists DO NOT vote, they pay others to do that for them <wink, wink>.

Wednesday (1-10-24) was a busy day at the capitol in Jefferson City and we’ll also discuss this tonight and strategies to move forward with the Constitutional Money Act. Bill Eigel’s SB735 is moving and we need to get Representative Bill Hardwick’s HB1955 moving as well. We’ll discuss this tonight. Also, Missouri’s SAPA will be heard on February 16th in the 8th Circuit Court in St. Louis. We’ll go over the details tonight. Also, please do not forget to mark your calendars for January 30, 2024. It’s our next Knock and Shock campaign date. Hopefully the weather cooperates for this one. Hopefully, we can get plenty of folks to join us at the capitol.

Although we are slowly gaining more co-sponsors for HB1955, we need more. We need to continue to call/email our reps and ask them to co-sponsor (if they haven’t already) and also ask for this bill to be referred to committee (preferably Government Efficiency and Downsizing). We did originally recommend the same committee it was heard in last year chaired by Representative Doug Richie. However, there are rumblings in the capitol that since Doug called on Plocher to resign the speakership after Plocher’s 3rd scandal in 2 months (double-dip accounting) was made public. Apparently, Representative Dean Plocher’s feelings were hurt by those in the General Assembly who called on him to step down and those folks apparently shouldn’t expect any courtesy from Plocher this year. He’s apparently holding a grudge. For that reason, we need to call our reps and ask them to meet with Representative Plocher (who controls committee assignments as Speaker) to place HB1955 in Government Efficiency and Downsizing. Ask for them to let you know how the meeting went, for follow up. If they do not follow up, resume your phone calls and emails to them until they do follow up. Remember, these Representatives were “hired” by folks in their district to REPRESENT the people. You are one of their people they are representing. A request to a Representative from a constituent to speak directly with Plocher on your behalf to move HB1955 into committee falls into what they are elected to do. I will call my rep’s office tonight and leave a message live on the stream. Do not forget, Dean Plocher wants to be elected your Lt. Governor in November.

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty report had an interesting guest on his show last night (1-12-24). Jason Lyon from “You are the Power” talked about his national grassroots action based organization and how they go about solving local government problems nation-wide. This was WONDERFUL to hear and find out about this grassroots force which I had never heard of before. John’s show was on You Tube and on Rumble.

Sam Britton will be welcoming Missouri Senator Andrew Koenig on his show “Off the Cuff” on Sunday night (January 14, 2024) starting at 6:00PM Central Time on Missouri Liberty Radio. Senator Koenig is running to be the next Missouri Treasurer and he likes silver and gold AND depositories. Please consider listening in on Sunday and even calling in with your questions. I will not be able to join Sam as I will be recording an interview with the Talk Junkies Sunday night for release next week. For hours 2 and 3, Retha will be joining in with Sam, Trish and Duncan to talk about the Gasconade RI and RII school districts and the meeting in Swiss Missouri on Missouri Liberty Radio is on 101.3FM in Owensville, Missouri. However, Sam also streams his station on the web to increase his reach.

I am also working out a time to visit with Ronald Branstetter (Ron’s Basement) sometime next week.

That’s about it for now gang. I hope to see you tonight on the live stream.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

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