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Missouri’s Constitutional Money Act Update and more

Happy Sunday gang! Yes, the e-mail is a day late, sorry about that. We did have our regularly scheduled live stream last night. You can view the playback of the stream from the platform of your choice, Rumble, Odysee or You-Tube. I have a lot to convey in this e-mail, so it will be a bit lengthy.

It’s time for us to ramp up support of the Constitutional Money Act (CMA). Senator Eigel’s SB735 is currently in limbo as he has been removed from the committee it was passed out of, so until there is a change there, we must fully support Representative Hardwick’s HB1955.

The current status of HB1955 (CMA): HB1955 has been assigned to committee. The Committee is Financial Institutions. This committee is largely filled with folks who have or are currently working in banking. There has been no scheduled hearing for this bill at the time I write this but the hearing schedule for THIS WEEK has not been posted as of yet (which is curious). The committee normally meets for hearings and executive sessions on Tuesdays. We talked to folks on the committee during Knock and Shock this past Tuesday encouraging them to co-sponsor this bill. We have received Intel from several members but could not meet with the chairman despite 3 primary attempts to do so and a secondary attempt by one of our members to talk with him on the phone. The Intel we have is this: a few committee members want to show HB1955 to folks in the banking industry and get their take on it. Since this bill is a Constitutional bill and is non-offensive to neighborhood and regional banks, I suspect there will not be any wild criticism of the bill from bankers.

Abstract: Politicians wanting bankers’ opinions on a Constitutional bill does not make sense, however bankers’ interest in this bill is easy to understand. Bankers want to know if the bill will affect their business. Since this bill DOES NOT affect the Federal Reserve note (their current product) it’s actually a no-brainer. Since small banks and regional banks will NOT be needed anymore when the CBDC is released, banks need to think about self-preservation and gold and silver is their obvious lifeboat. Other states such as Arkansas and Tennessee passed similar legislation in 2023 with no resistance (including NO resistance from banks). Regional and smaller banks should be embracing the bill.

Obvious questions: Did Representative Plocher give instructions specific to the bill to Representative O’Donnell when he assigned HB1955 to the committee? Is HB1955 being held as a wildcard for leverage to be used later in the session (like last year?) Is it leadership’s intention to intentionally delay or kill HB1955? Why is it so difficult to pass such a bill in Missouri when other conservative states have broad support for silver/gold legislation on BOTH sides of the isle?

The path: After taking in all the above information, talking with some folks in the Initiative, with Representative Hardwick and just plain thinking about it, I believe right now our best efforts need to be spent on the committee chairman, Representative O’Donnell. For the next week, we need to mount a positive campaign to encourage O’Donnell to schedule a hearing. If this does not yield positive results, we will evaluate all information and other options such as asking for a committee re-assignment. That’s plan B, we work with plan A for now. Plan A does have side benefits if successful. If HB1955 makes it through THAT committee, it will virtually guarantee passage in the house due to the “banker scrutiny” that is respected by many members of the house.

The CMA campaign: The campaign is simple. Since Representative O’Donnell is on Twitter (X) we will tag him as often as possible with tweets supportive of him, and of HB1955. For those who are not on Twitter, the campaign is easily translatable into a phone call and e-mail campaign. If you e-mail Representative O’Donnell, PLEASE CC YOUR Representative on the same e-mail. This helps with accountability. It is CRITICAL that this be a positive campaign, nagging him is vinegar while supporting him and HB1955 is honey. I am working all three connections. I will be tagging O’Donnell AND my Representative (Bob Titus) and hash tagging #moleg with positive tweets on Twitter (frequently), e-mail him AND call him. I suggest those that can do so do the same. Every communication will be positive, and promote the benefits to Missouri that HB1955 affords. Twitter allows for the public to see the encouragement despite the fact he does not post much on Twitter. Twitter is an excellent to for us since almost all politicians are on Twitter AND it’s public. Representative Mike O’Donnell / Chairman – Financial Institutions Michael.ODonnell@house.mo.gov / 573-751-3762 Twitter: @MichaelOD_MO

IMPORTANT: The takeaway from this is critically important. This campaign SHOULD be about WHY HB1955 SHOULD be heard in his committee. It’s not enough to just say we support HB1955, we need to express WHY we support CMA legislation and the benefits of silver and gold as legal tender for the state of Missouri and the residents.

Secondary mission: Co-sponsorships are important for this bill, very important actually. If your Representative still has not co-sponsored HB1955, it’s time to ask them to again. It’s time to ask WHY they have not co-sponsored. This also needs to be a positive campaign. For folks that e-mail me with reps that have not co-sponsored but have been contacted, I will do what I can to encourage them to do so on Twitter with the Missouri Freedom Initiative account (assuming they have a Twitter account). This is a group effort, we can all pitch in and help with this campaign. We’re only a month into session. We still have time BUT we need to turn up the heat now. We need to apply the same energy the 2023 campaign had. That is squarely placed on OUR shoulders. Other grassroots will support this bill too but they need to see the energy, conviction and persistence of the Initiative. Let’s show them how it’s done.

IP Reform: The Senate will be hearing SJR74 (Which includes Senator Moon’s SJR61 – voted in by the Initiative for support). Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman is the bill handler in the senate. I encourage everyone to read the bill (it’s short) but it is AMAZING to see. House District concurrent majority AND some extra candy, such as addressing Article 12 of the Missouri Constitution (covering all three avenues for Constitutional change). This bill is ready for prime time. The concern is compromise. SJR74 is well written and concerns House Districts. This, was what we and most grassroots wanted. To support this bill, PLEASE contact Senator Coleman’s office by e-mail and phone and ask her to keep the bill intact and not to compromise the bill in favor of Congressional Districts. This, my friends is an amazing opportunity to show the entire country that Missouri often has the BEST solutions, the idea of concurrent majority Constitution ratification was born here. WE MUST MOVE QUICKLY on this, it could be on the floor as early as Tuesday.

Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman – 573-751-1492 Email the Senator from her webpage.

And finally, I wanted to bring a bill to everyone’s attention. It’s SB1079 and its sponsored by Senator Cierpoit (very interesting). The bill addresses the deceptive ballot language used by school districts across Missouri when trying to get a bond passed. This bill was brought to my attention by Brandon and Cheryl in the Owensville area, and I am VERY appreciative. This is an AWESOME BILL! This bill has my wife’s and my FULL support. The bill will have its hearing on Tuesday, February 6 at 8:00AM in the Select Committee on Empowering Missouri Parents and Children. This is a game changing bill for those who have been frustrated with school districts constant use of the phrase “no tax increase bond” on the ballot. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the bill and I’m sure you’ll agree that it would “solve” the deceptive ballot language issue that is used by every public school district in Missouri to mislead the people in their districts. I am considering testifying for the bill but won’t make a decision until tomorrow night (my job is constantly interfering with my political life J). For those who want to support the bill, I would call up and e-mail the committee members and if you can, testify for the bill on Tuesday morning.

I had a chance meeting with Marc Cox with 97.1FM Talk Radio while in Jefferson City during Knock and Shock this past Tuesday. I gave him one of our flyers and told him about the Constitutional Money Act (CMA). I hadn’t been on 97.1FM with Marc Cox in about a year and told him I’d love to come on and talk about HB1955. He said I would hear from him soon. True to his word, I received an e-mail from the show producer on Wednesday asking me to come on the next morning in a 10 minute spot and talk about HB1955. Click here to listen to this short radio interview.

Also, on Thursday, I visited with Basil from the Canary Cry News Talk. It’s always a great experience to visit with Basil and the interviews are always edited to include video clips relevant to the subject matter here in Missouri. You can see the 2 hour interview here.

Rogue Politics has released a new video this past week! This video was about IP Reform and is VERY timely. I highly recommend watching and subscribing to their channel if you haven’t already. Click here to see their latest video.

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report Interview Representative Tony Lovasko. The discussion is provocative and covers a variety of topics. John writes: “Tony Lovasco joins me to discuss the MO House of Representatives. Last year’s end of session was crazy and let’s see what maybe makes this year different. We’ll also discuss some bills that he’s filed and what he’d like to see get accomplished this year. I’ll also talk a little on the rally held on January 29 in support of the Missouri Freedom Caucus. What a turnout!!” You can see the interview here on You Tube or here on Rumble.

Sam Britton with Missouri Liberty Radio is under the weather and will not be on air tonight. The following statement is from Sam’s latest email: “Hello everyone, just thought I would let you know that there will not be an OTC broadcast this evening. I have come down with some sort of a case of bronchitis, so I figured it would probably be better just not to do the show this week, and to reschedule on another day. Many blessings, and we will reschedule for another day.”

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,
Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
P.O. Box 343
Clever, Missouri 65631


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