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Hey gang! Well, the weather is still holding and Tuesday is gonna be ugly for parts of Missouri. The Missouri House has cancelled all hearings for the day (tomorrow) and the House session has technical status for the day, which basically means attendance is optional. Rather than risk the possibly dangerous conditions to be In Jefferson City tomorrow, we’ve changed it to Wednesday which promises better weather. I have good news to report though… while talking to Sherry in Senator Eigel’s office, I found out that Eigel’s SB735 has been assigned to committee and will have a hearing on Wednesday as well. So actually, we can testify for SB735 (Constitutional Money Act) on the same day we are working for Co-Sponsorships for HB1955 in the house. Knock and Shock is just moved forward one day, to Wednesday, January 10.


From our last email, with applicable information:


We’ll be making 2 home bases for our visit to the capitol. Senator Bill Eigel (room 227) and Representative Bill Hardwick’s (room 205) offices will be available to us for hanging up our coats and a place to place lunchboxes and access to refrigerators while we are working. Representatives Holly Jones and Chad Perkins have also offered up their offices if more space is needed.


I am sometimes asked about parking. There is a large parking lot downhill from St. Peter’s Church that I usually use and it’s free. There are many free parking lots. The ones closest parking to the actual capitol building are paid parking. Please refer to this link for more information on parking around the capitol.

The official start time is 9:00 AM and the official end time is 5:00 PM. Some people are there all day, others come in for a few hours. Any time you can give is helpful and appreciated. I will bring the flyers we will be handing out to legislators. If you have goldbacks, bring one to show legislators as we talk with them. Depending on the amount of people that can come, we may divide into smaller groups. For instance, if 100 people show up, we will most likely divide into 3-4 groups, we are there to talk with legislators, not traumatize them. J If you arrive after we have started, just check in with one of the home bases, and they will contact us to let us know you are there and someone will come and get you so you can join the group.


If you have never joined us for Knock and Shock before or have never talked to Senators and Representatives before and have anxiety about it, don’t worry, you can still be helpful just by being there. It’s a great opportunity to watch and learn and get the feel for how the Missouri Freedom Initiative engages in citizen activism and legislation promotion/support.


For those who can’t go to the capitol, PLEASE consider calling and emailing Representatives while we are working. I would love to hear from Representatives and their staff that they have been receiving calls about HB1955 while we are actively supporting it in the capitol. We are asking for Representatives to co-sponsor HB1955 – (The Constitutional Money Act). The more co-sponsors we get, the more notice it gets and the higher priority it becomes for leadership. SAPA had 87 co-sponsors. Let’s see if we can match that. Senators cannot co-sponsor HB1955 BUT we can put it on their radar early.


If anyone needs to communicate with me directly, my cell phone number is 417-827-3146. The flyer is up on the landing page of our web site https://mofree.org


Patrick Holland

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