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Happy Saturday gang! We will be live tonight at 7:30 PM Central time on the usual platforms, Rumble, Twitter (X), Odysee and You Tube. There is a lot going on legislatively and otherwise so I will try to keep this e-mail short and to the point.

First, a bit about SB727. It is rare to see a bill flying through the general assembly when nearly the entirety of the conservative grassroots are actively against it. Well, SB727 (Education bill) exemplifies that concept. This happens when politicians have a “firm conviction” on the bill OR when they have received campaign donations to support the bill. Pressure is mounting from SB727 supporters and financial backers on representatives up in Jefferson City to vote “yes” on SB727. American Federation for Children, Quality Schools, Rex Finkquefield, The Herzog Group, Americans for Prosperity and others are giving campaign contributions for “yes” votes.

Senator Koenig’s SB727 has been a source of contention for most of the conservative grassroots around the state because it targets homeschoolers. Some suggest SB727 would actually be a good move for Missouri IF it was passed AND DESE (the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) was defunded. That’s a BIG “IF.” If SB727 passes into law AND DESE is not defunded is the nightmare scenario. There is no provision in this bill to shrink or otherwise defund DESE in this bill. In fact, this bill empowers DESE even more – this is the elephant in the room. In fact, the elephant in the room also has a lactose intolerance condition and has been eating nothing but government cheese for months. Even the Missouri public schools are against this bill! This bill has had the benefit of greased skids and is moving VERY quickly, so the people of Missouri must move quickly to change or kill it.

Homeschoolers need to be aware that there will be a meeting of home school dads in Jefferson City with elected representatives that WANT to hear the homeschoolers’ point of view in regards to SB727. No e-mail or phone calls for this event, just face to face conversation with representatives that do want to understand ALL points of view with this legislation and its effects. You can sign up to be there at this grassroots website. AND we’ll talk more about this tonight. This event is a very good idea. Wednesday at 9:00AM in the rotunda. I STRONGLY recommend that this meeting be well attended by home school dads. This is VERY important. This is truly an all hands on deck moment. Remember, showing up at the capitol is a superpower.

Retha and Gretchen will be on tonight. This is the last time to hear from them before Tuesday (elections). They will be updating everyone on any new information they have found, what to do if you do not know about your school bond issue, how to vet your school board hopefuls and more. It’ll be a good opportunity to ask questions to these two ladies that have worked tirelessly to inform the public on school bond issues before Tuesday’s vote. Gretchen’s blog is PACKED with good information and is updated frequently.

I did dabble into You-Tube shorts (1 minute long videos) for the first time and put out three videos. I intended to do more but the lack of time caught up with me again. The first video is about the use of the term “no tax increase bond issue.” The second video is about Stifel Financial (Owensville’s school financier) and their partnership with the WEF. The third video about more deceptive language on the ballot for school bonds. PLEASE feel free to share these videos with EVERYONE you know, in or out of Missouri as these videos apply to everyone nationwide.

Silver and gold bills are moving! Most of this data will be shared tonight on the stream but the newest call to action is to e-mail AND call your Senators to support SB735 (The Constitutional Money Act). That’s right, SB735 will be heard on the Senate floor as early as Tuesday or Wednesday this coming up week. To top that off, HB1955 will have an executive session on Tuesday in the Financial Institutions committee. Daniel Diaz with Citizens for Sound Money and the film crew will be back for this and we will be filming in Jefferson City on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. To top that off, SB735 was amended onto Senator Crawford’s SB835, so another avenue has been built for possible passage of this legislation. Parts of SB735 have been amended to other bills as well.

I’d like to give a shout-out to Rhyno Coetsee (newly appointed CEO) and Daniel Diaz (Executive Director) of Citizens for Sound Money for helping in Missouri’s effort to help us pass the Constitutional Money Act. Their help has been invaluable and has continued unabated even as Jim Forsythe (CEO) passed away a few weeks ago. We were fortunate enough to meet Jim when he and Daniel came to Missouri to help with the House hearing on HB1955 on February 27th. They traveled here at their own expense and provided the goldbacks at their expense to distribute to legislators on March 11. Jim Forsyth passed away just a few weeks after he traveled to Missouri to help us with HB1955.

I’ve been on many radio shows and you-tube broadcasts in the past three weeks, so many in fact I can’t remember them all and I did not link them in previous e-mails. However, in the past week I’ve been on Jodi Grace’s podcast talking about Missouri’s effort to get silver and gold legislation across the finish line, I’ve been on 2 videos with Alex Horat (Free American Press). The first was about our silver/gold legislation and the second was about school bonds (Retha joined in as well). The second video has not yet been released.

John Williams invited Libertarian Presidential candidate Mike ter Maat to his live stream last night (Friday, 3-29-24). You can see this on You Tube or on Rumble.

From Sam Britton and Missouri Liberty Radio: “Hello everyone, there will be no live OTC broadcast this week, due to everybody spending time with their families due to the Easter holiday. But for those of you that want to hear it, we are going to replay the first broadcast with both John Williams, and Scott Griffith in studio.”

For those who may not know, Sam’s signature program “Off the Cuff” AKA OTC is always available on Sam’s website in the archives. You can peruse this page and find shows you missed or shows you’d like to hear again.

That’s all for now gang. I hope to see many of you tonight on the live stream.

Congratulations to Idaho! Idaho’s SB1314 has passed both houses and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. SB1314 is a gold and silver depository of sorts. An impressive first step to protecting the people’s money!

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.


Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

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