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Happy Saturday gang, as what seems to be a trend, I will be keeping this email short for lack of time. We will be having our live stream tonight at 7:30 PM Central. You can view on any of 4 different platforms. Rumble, Twitter (X), Odysee and You Tube.

We will be discussing a variety of topics tonight. Retha will be giving us an update on her work regarding exposing deceptive practices in the public schools to try to get bonds passed on April 2nd. We’ll discuss the current state of the silver and gold bills currently in the legislature, knock and shock and the rally on Monday.

I also need to give you advance notice that we will NOT have a live stream next week (3-16-24). I will be speaking about Missouri’s gold and silver legislative efforts next Saturday to a national audience in New Hampshire as a guest of the Citizens for Sound Money. There is a rumor that A&E might be making a documentary about the Sound Money movement across America with a special focus on Missouri and Missouri’s efforts to get legislation through the general assembly. There is even talk about the documentary crew possibly attending the rally and Knock and Shock on Monday. I cannot get this confirmed at this time – so no promises. More on that later.


This is a different kind of rally on Monday. The primary focus is on the grassroots organizations and their work and how we are MUCH stronger when we work together. We will also hear from Representative Hardwick and possibly Senator Eigel. After the rally is over, the Missouri Freedom Initiative will be asking for help to distribute a Goldback to every legislator. I will provide a flyer with talking points. It’s time to engage the ENTIRE general assembly on CMA (the Constitutional Money Act). It’s time to do what grassroots do best, we show up. Nothing stands out more to a politicians than those who show up at the capitol and engage in conversation with them about legislation. That’s EXACTLY what we intend to do. You can let Jodi Grace know in advance if you plan to attend the rally on her website.

For lack of time, I have to end the email here. Hope to see you all tonight!

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

Missouri Freedom Initiative

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