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Happy Saturday gang. Unfortunately, we will not have a live stream tonight. In the past 3 weeks I have spent a lot of time in the capitol and on Missouri business. At this time, I have customers who have patiently waited for me and now they must receive my full attention so I am working at a customer site today and tonight.

I regret we can’t do a live stream tonight. There has been a LOT of talk about SB727 and the possibility of home schools being classified as “gun free zones.” A lot of folks have e-mailed, called texted and tagged me on social media about this issue. Aaron Dorr (Missouri Firearms Coalition) and Ron Calzone (Missouri First) have chimed in as well as many others. The fact is, there is a LOT wrong with SB727. Kirby Lane (Rogue Politics) has outlined many issues with the bill as have others. In the Initiative, we have a flyer that was distributed this last week at the capitol about 727’s Constitutional and technical problems and about collecting data on the kids (leading to class wallets and a form of social credit scoring). This is something we are more familiar with. As with each grassroots group, we have our own area of expertise. Some attorneys find fault with the 2nd amendment issue others do not. It’s a speculative issue on the status of gun ownership at a home school. There is a lot to dislike in this bill.

It all comes down to the vouchers and what the government demands of the people in order to get financial assistance for education. The entire idea about school vouchers began decades ago but it was very different from what we have today. In the beginning of the term “school vouchers” and “school choice” were designed as no strings attached vouchers. What many folks (such as myself) learned recently, is that government will NEVER have “no strings attached” vouchers. There will always be strings. What we must decide as a society is how much control over our kids and mediocre curriculum we are willing to tolerate for “free” school or vouchers. For all homeschoolers I have personally communicated with, the answer is bold and simple… “no strings.” If strings exist, they want NOTHING to do with the money (and legislation). They want OUT of the bill completely – as in absolutely no legislative definition for “home school” included in the bill.

In other states such as West Virginia and North Carolina legislative definitions for FPE (Family Paced Education) and home school were exactly the same minus the vouchers (under PFE). What we have learned is that some states conjoin the definitions for FPE and Home school that places homeschooled kids under the same parameters as FPE even though the home schools do not take the voucher. This is ABSOLUTELY an unacceptable scenario with broad ramifications.

The next question is why politicians are not listening to us, the grassroots on this issue, why the rumor of no amendments for SB727 in the house to repair this deeply flawed legislation, why the attacks from conservative politicians…etc. The answer is quite simple…money. A LOT of money has gone into this bill to try to ensure its passage. Millions of dollars from questionable sources has poured into Missouri PACs (Political Action Committees) to try to get this bill through. Republicans and Democrats alike have received this money. The story is as old as time itself. As a reminder of the 45 steps to Communism, here is step 17… “17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.” The irony is, this bill would be MUCH more acceptable IF DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) was reduced to about 3% of its current size and scope.

The soft integration of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), SEL (Social Emotional Learning), Common Core, CRT (Critical Race Theory) and others are inherently Marxist ideas and techniques. It’s part of the Prussian model for schools in communist countries. The idea is for the schools to churn out workers who cannot critically think. Communist nations depend heavily on this model to prevent revolutions and general dissidence of folks unhappy with totalitarian leadership and the iron grip of oppressive government. This is not tinfoil hat stuff, this is unfortunately our reality now. Parents who have their children in the public school system need to pay attention like they did when schools closed over the “scamdemic.” Exploring ideas from differing perspectives and analyzing the results is a process called “critical thinking.” Society has been trained to call critical thinkers “conspiracy theorists.” Unfortunately from my point of view, a lot of people who call folks “conspiracy theorists” suffer from a form of cognitive dissonance. Without critical thinking, we cannot solve problems with the best solutions. Without free speech, the best ideas lay dormant in someone’s mind rather than exploring the ideas and expanding on them in a public forum (think school board meetings).

Many folks I know personally have expressed something I personally agree with, get your kids out of the public school system no matter the personal cost. Choose another option even if it financially hurts. The wolf is not at the door because it’s already in the building. Reasonable people can disagree on how bad the public school system is. I talk with democrats from time to time and some do agree the public school system is dumbing down the kids. However, it is personally disturbing to me how many parents are willing to cash in academic achievement for DEI and school sports. Bread and circuses.

With all this in mind, a lot of folks would like to show up in Jefferson City on Wednesday and I encourage folks to do this. I will definitely be there approximately 9:00AM. Among other things, it is important for our elected representatives to understand the resolve of the grassroots and the people. We do not care how much money they have received to further this issue legislatively. They are there to serve us. If they turn a deaf ear to the people, they must be replaced in November (or in the primary on August 6th). Create flyers with your concerns on SB727 and bring them with you. I did not envision this being the fight it has become however, the grassroots have coalesced into an impressive juggernaut to shut this legislation down. Even the public schools want this shut down but the public schools do not have the benefit of DESE to organize because DESE is for the bill as they stand to benefit from this. The public schools organized under MASA on this one for their appearance at the capitol to protest the bill.

As with most distractions, you have to use your peripheral vision to see what else is going on during the distraction. The Constitutional Money Act is still in play. I am working this hard as are MANY others. The call to action for this is quite simple. Please call/email your Senators and voice your support for SB735. This is important. Remember to communicate WHY the bill is important to you when you contact your Senator. I am working on a new flyer that will contain the Congressional Districts that are working to make gold/silver legal tender part of the Republic Platform that will be used next week..

To wrap up, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who is actively involved in the political process in Missouri. For most of us, it is an extreme sacrifice of our time and resources and there is no compensation other than the fact that we are doing our part to prevent Missouri from becoming Illinois. It is because of all of you that Missouri has a fighting chance to become much freer and liberty minded and Constitutional. For those who cannot get involved politically, I ask for constant prayers for those who are in the fight. Missouri is worth saving.

I will endeavor to get another email out soon with more details on Wednesday activities and the Constitutional Money Act but lack the time to do so today.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,
Patrick Holland
Missouri Freedom Initiative
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