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News Letter Dec. 16

Hey gang! Happy Saturday! We’ll be live tonight at the regular time (7:30 PM Central). We’ll be on Rumble, Odysee and You Tube. We’ll be live on facebook and Twitter (X) as well but do not have links as of yet.

Representative Bill Hardwick joined Ronald Branstetter on  Ron’s Basement for an interesting discussion on the value of the dollar and the importance of gold and silver. The conversation was amazing and highlighted Bill Hardwick’s knowledge on monetary history, monetary policy and the technical aspects of the dollar’s decline in nominal terms. Representative Hardwick’s pre-file (HB1955) of the silver and gold bill (CMA) is now available on the House website! If you look at co-sponsors, the bill already has 7, in less than 24 hours since it was filed! Representative Dirk Deaton (who carried the bill in the House in 2023) was the first to co-sponsor. It’s time for us to call and email our reps and ask them to get onboard with co-sponsorships (if they haven’t already) of HB1955. Although more silver and gold legislation is expected in the House, we should focus our efforts on only one bill. It’s amazing that the Constitutional Money Act is popular enough for multiple filings! Perhaps all filed bills can be merged in the House at some point. Representative’s Hardwick’s version includes the title “To repeal sections 143.121 and 408.010, RSMo, and to enact in lieu thereof three new sections relating to the sole purpose of regulating the treatment and use of gold and silver.” The inclusion of the incorporated subtitle “the sole purpose of” is VERY important. It helps to repel amendments that have nothing to do with gold and silver. That was definitely missing in 2023’s version. Honestly, all bills should have this simple subtitle. It would help prevent Christmas tree bills filled with pork at the end of every session. HB1955 is definitely the best filing in the house at this time and already has momentum!

Another silver/gold legal tender bill has appeared. This one has been sponsored by Representative Doug Richey. It looks like the perfected SB100 house bill from 2023. It has been designated HB1867. I have heard that there are at least two more pre-filings for silver and gold legislation coming soon. It’s a hot topic in the Capitol.

Senator Rick Bratton has also filed a version of the silver/gold legislation. SB866 is a lot like the perfected Senate bill SB100 from 2023.

I forgot to mention last week that the Tenth Amendment Center is already talking about Missouri’s 2024 filing by Senator Bill Eigel, SB735 as well.

Many bills are being pre-filed in the House and Senate. It’s that time of year again gang, it’s time to peruse the pre-filings and find YOUR favorite bills for the December 30th live stream. Reading these bills can make you cross-eyed so it’s helpful to read the executive summaries and if a bill catches your interest, begin a deep dive and examine the details. For those who are new to the organization, we decide as a group what bills our organization supports with our “knock and shock” campaigns at the capitol. The parameters are simple, find your favorite 4 bills (silver and gold legislation is already included – for a total of 5) that deal with the sovereignty of the state of Missouri. In other words, legislation that strengthens Missouri’s ability to protect the resident’s rights and resources. Missouri adopting silver and gold as legal tender, helping to protect residents of the state from inflation and CBDCs is an excellent example of this. Also, gang, we can look at what bills need to be killed.

John Williams had his weekly live stream last night. He welcomed Anders Maidment. Anders ran for U.S. Congress out of the Libertarian Party just a couple years ago. Anders provides a Libertarian perspective on current political events. You can view his video on Rumble or on You Tube.

Sam will be live again on Sunday night (12-17-23). Here’s an excerpt from Sam’s email pre-show notes…

“Hello everyone, here is what is coming up on this weeks Off The Cuff broadcast, on December 17, 2023. As some of you may know, we have been playing promotions regarding the shop with a cop program here in Owensville. This year, the shop with a cop program with strictly run on donations, and we will be discussing all of this and more with Owensville city Marshall, Scott Griffith. That’s right, Scott Will be with us for all three hours of Off the Cuff. If you would like to talk to Scott, we will be also taking your phone calls during this broadcast. John Williams, who has appeared on the broadcast many times before, will also be with us. As a regular listener to the broadcast, Scott has always told me how much he enjoys when John and I are together, so this time Scott gets to be with us as well. While I am sure that we will get into some serious subjects, there will be a lot of fun on this broadcast. So don’t forget to tune in to this broadcast this Sunday evening, December 17, 2023. While we will take phone calls from anywhere in the country, we would particularly like to focus on a chance for you locally to call in as well. Blessings, and we hope to see you this Sunday evening December 17, 2023 at 6 PM. Take care, Sam”

Retha is working on more videos having to do with school districts. We are now having to deal with Clever school district (our school district) because the school board has recently voted to max out their bonding capacity ($16.5 Million dollars) on the April 2024 ballot. Many districts across Missouri are doing this. What are their current finances and debt? How much will taxes go down if the bond is not approved? When will taxes go down if the bond is not approved? Why deceptive language on the ballot for the school bond? What are the current school performance ratings of students? Why spend so much money when student enrollment has flat lined? Why are school board members discouraged from talking to their constituents? What are the goals of the Missouri School board Association? Who truly controls your local school board (and by extension, your school’s policies and curriculum?) Why isn’t the focus of acquiring more money on improving academic performance? These are questions most school boards and superintendents do not want asked. Well, we not only ask, we investigate to find the answers because the school board asking for more money will not answer the questions. Stay tuned.

That’s all for now gang. I hope to see you tonight on the stream.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

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