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Happy Saturday gang! Wow! What a week we’ve had. We’ll talk about that in more detail in the live stream tonight at 7:30 PM Central time. This last week was filled with spills, chills and thrills. A few in our gang keep digging up information on the fireside software and the parent company fiscal note. We’ll cover it tonight.

The main theme for the live stream will be about draining the swamp at the state level. Most folks never think about it on the state level (which is easier to accomplish) but it’s absolutely necessary. Let’s convert some of the energy out there that is driven by anger, frustration, hopelessness and indifference into something useable, possible and hopeful. It’s time for folks to consider ending their addiction to federal politics/news and get involved in their state/local politics where they CAN make a difference. Missouri is blazing a trail for all to see and we’re definitely getting noticed for it. Let’s inspire other states to follow our lead. If enough states start this process, we can save the entire nation.

In line with requests from the folks out there that want to review, I was on several platforms in the past week. The first was on Wednesday night where Rogue Politics and I were invited to Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells to talk about all the data on Fiscal Note, and the Fireside software they are trying to get into county, state and federal government for constituency management. Rogue Politics, a relatively new podcast (created by Catherine Dreher and Kirby Lane) is getting a lot of attention because of their breaking story and their excellent research and journalistic work.

I was invited back last night (Friday 9-22-23) for a follow up with John B. Wells again. For those who do not want to listen, I was referencing the news that came out yesterday morning about the FBI investigating Representative Plocher’s behavior in aggressively pushing the Fireside software on staff members in the house (and speculatively addressing the rumor that he was basically going to receive $800,000 in his PAC if the software sale went through.) The story about the FBI and their involvement was carried by the Missouri Independent and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

I visited with Dunagun Keiser again on Liberty and Finance. The show will premier tonight at 8:00 PM (during our live stream).

Rogue Politics has released a new video exposing the political and financial connections that are hindering efforts to get meaningful IP Reform debate/legislation in the state of Missouri. This story has been well researched. I highly recommend everyone listen to this information so that the players, the game and the money changing hands are common knowledge before the 2024 legislative session. Rogue Politics will have a web page hosted by Missouri Freedom Initiative in the VERY near future, so that all the platforms they are on (Video and Audio) are easily accessible to everyone.

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report live streamed yesterday and delved into the issues the people of Missouri have with a squishy Republican*, namely Representative Dean Plocher. He also covered another squishy Republican, Representative  Jonathan Patterson. John went on to cover issues with the Union Strikes with the auto manufacturers. You can view his video here.

Sam Britton with the Missouri Liberty Radio will welcome back Catherine Dreher and Kirby lane tomorrow night (Sunday, September 24) at 6:00 PM Central on Sam’s signature show, “Off the Cuff.” Sam is eager to catch up with Rogue Politics after their recent string of news breaking stories about corruption in Missouri politics. Be sure to catch the live show if you’d like to call in and speak with these amazing ladies. Sam broadcasts on 101.3 FM in the Owensville Missouri market but also streams on the Internet.

Also, next Sunday (October 1), Sam will welcome first time guest Mark McCloskey who will discuss what he and his wife Patricia went through with former prosecutor Kim Gardener when they famously stood their ground at their home during a BLM protest in Saint Louis, Missouri in 2020. Mark is also working on a new project in Missouri to help Republican Central Committees avoid lawsuits from squishy Republicans as they begin the process of vetting candidates who want to run for office in Missouri under the Republican banner.

I will be attending Travis’s monthly Prepared Homestead meeting tomorrow, Sunday September 24 in Roby, Missouri. The meeting start time is usually around 2:00PM and generally ends around 4:00 PM. I can’t say enough about these meetings and the community forming around them. Travis AND his work are truly inspirational. Travis is on You-Tube and Rumble.

I visited the Christian County Central Committee meeting this past Tuesday. And have Franklyn County scheduled for next month. The tour continues.

That’s all for now gang, I hope to see you tonight on the live stream.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

Missouri Freedom Initiative

P.O. Box 343

Clever, Missouri 65631





The Missouri Freedom Initiative (MOFI) is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting the following ideals in Missouri’s culture and legislature: The US Constitution, The Missouri Constitution, all causes that promote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all Missouri residents including but not limited to: lower taxes, property rights, the right to bear arms, school choice, pro-life, and many more. We do not promote the right/left paradigm, we simply promote liberty in the spirit of the American founding fathers. Join us on our bold mission to make Missouri a bastion of freedom and to reject political and cultural tyranny from any source with an emphasis on exposing and ending political corruption at all levels in Missouri politics.

  • Squishy Republican (Coined by John Williams) : DEFINITION

A squishy Republican is a person who runs as a Republican but has no loyalty to the party platform. Squishy Republicans are soft and malleable and their behavior/political views are easily shaped by the corporations and special interests that fund their campaigns and/or Political Action Committee (PAC).

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