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Good afternoon gang! Another Saturday, another live stream tonight at 7:30 PM Central (9-9-23). We’ll be discussing the initiative petitions filed in Missouri that are intended to undermine our SAPA (Second Amendment Preservation Act) law tonight. This is an attack on SAPA that is separate but not unrelated to the DOJ attacks on Missouri.

This email will be short, because I am running late and because of my lack of time to write on the many details on many issues the Missouri Legislature will be dealing with this coming up week (Veto session) and our existing project updates. Expect another e-mail tomorrow that will contain a lot of information and a call to action. I failed to get the software ready for Rumble this weekend (lack of time) so we will be exclusively on Odysee for tonight (sorry gang, I am trying).

*Tip: A friend of the organization contacted me this morning and said he had info that pointed to gasoline is going up a minimum of $.50 per gallon in the next day or two in Missouri. I do not have time to verify but thought I would pass it along if you are out and about today, you may want to top off the gas tank.

I hope to see you tonight on the stream.

May God Bless the liberty revolution world-wide.

Yours for liberty,

Patrick Holland

Missouri Freedom Initiative

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