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How to start OR join a grassroots organization in your state.

Happy Saturday gang, How to start OR join a grassroots organization in your state. Today is as good a day as any to concentrate on that topic I am asked frequently in e-mails as well as in the comment section in videos I participate in. Let’s get this subject covered as best we can in our live stream tonight. We’ll work very hard to stay on point so it is not unnecessarily filled with other topics.

Since the Missouri Freedom Initiative is very unique in its structure, purpose, network reach and activities, we’ll share with you how it was started and how it continues to grow on the live stream tonight. Join us at 7:30 PM tonight (10-7-23) on Odysee or you can join the conversation in our Guilded server and let your voice be heard.

When Jim Windle and I started this concept for what later came to be called the Missouri Freedom Initiative was based on working to protect the Second Amendment Preservation Act from legislative sneak attacks we knew it would be hit with as well as to educate folks about our unique law that protected the 2nd amendment for Missourians. We knew stealth attacks would happen because what we saw at the capitol over the past 2 years (2020-2021) was a lot of corruption, intentional delays, backstabbing and political maneuvering by republicans in both the house and senate. These republicans were comprised of Squishy Republicans* and RINO Republicans. By Jim’s and my estimate at the time, these fair-weather republicans made up about half of the caucus (half of all republicans serving in both houses).  The Democrats were far too few in number to present a threat to SAPA. The real problem was with the folks in Jefferson City who merely identified as Republicans in order to win their elections. Jim and I would never have seen or properly understood the problems in the Missouri legislature unless we actually went to the capitol as many times as we did in those two years to work the SAPA legislation and deal DIRECTLY with these legislators. We did not visit the capitol to look for fair-weather republicans; we went there to get co-sponsors for SAPA. What we learned in those two years was priceless. The education on how the Missouri government works, where the power was situated in the capitol, which republicans answered to corporate campaign contributors and which answered to their constituents was fairly simple to identify and understand.

It was through enormous pressure from the grassroots that SAPA was passed through the legislature and signed by the Governor after 8 years of attempts. It was VERY popular legislation and many folks who had NEVER got involved in the state legislative process before became active to help get this bill through the process. If Missouri didn’t have so many fair-weather republicans, it would have been a much easier process (more on that next week). So if you wondered why we cannot seem to get regressive tax cuts in Missouri (despite our ballooning tax receipts and 2 years of grassroots attempts to get these tax cuts) or why there are persistent attempts to derail fair IP reform legislation, now you know. Next week we’ll concentrate on what we can do about RINOs and Squishy Republicans* in Missouri as well as what other organizations are doing to solve this problem. Powerful tools are being put in place for Missouri to start cleaning up the fair-weather republicans in the capitol and every elected capacity in the state/county/city. This is not a fluff story. For those who have lost hope in getting anything conservative done in Missouri, action is coming and it’s wearing a red cape. J

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report produced a live stream video last night. The main topic was Representative Dean Plocher and how it seems that Scott Vaughn (editor-Missouri Times) is running cover for Dean as Dean is constantly connected to an ever growing web of corruption in Jefferson City through corporate donations and contributions to his PAC as he gears up to run for Lt. Governor in Missouri in 2024. You can see John’s video here.

Tomorrow night, Sam Britton with Missouri Liberty Radio welcomes back Tom Martz from the Locke and Smith Foundation. Tom and his organization provide a unique service to the folks in Missouri, a Missouri Constitution class to better understand the Constitution in Missouri which increases your ability to identify unconstitutional legislation/legislators and helps residents craft their own legislation based on their new found knowledge. Tom’s gang also produces a scorecard of sorts. This scorecard is based on Missouri state politician’s votes and whether or not those votes are compliant with the Missouri Constitution to which they take an oath to protect and preserve. The show starts at 6:00PM Central. If you are in the Owensville, Missouri area, tune in 101.3FM. You can also listen to the stream from the website here. This is a live call in show, so feel free to call in and talk with Tom.

Rogue Politics will be producing another video next week. Be sure to keep an eye out for it as they will most likely release the video before our next e-mail. You can follow their you-tube channel here.

That’s all for now gang. I hope to see you tonight on the live stream. Please share a link to tonight’s show on your socials.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.


Yours for liberty,


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