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Happy Saturday gang! Some good news, Yesterday Senator Bill Eigel pre-filed SB735, the new silver and gold as legal tender bill! We also have direct confirmation that Representative Bill Hardwick is pre-filing the bill in the House as well. We’ll discuss this on tonight’s live stream which will be streamed on Rumble, Odysee, You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve already had word that silver and gold legislation is again being filed in MANY states in 2024. Florida, New Hampshire, Texas, Tennessee… etc. The list of states is growing. If you or someone you know is in a state other than Missouri, please consider contacting the Citizens for Sound Money who are leading the charge in many of these other states.

Because of the “difficulties” with SB100 (2023’s version of the silver and gold bill) in the 2023 legislative session, we’ll discuss strategy tonight now that we know that Representative Hardwick is pre-filing the same bill. This gives us an opportunity to start a campaign for co-sponsorship. Those of you who were with us during SAPA probably remember this. We know that SB100 was very popular and had more than enough votes to be passed in the house despite leadership saying they allowed the democrats to waste time on the floor because they were trying to “whip the votes” for lack of support. This lie came directly from the Floor Leader’s office. Also the bill for this year has for lack of a better term an incorporated subtitle “for the sole purpose of” which can help repel amendments that have nothing to do with silver and gold. It is important to remember two aspects of the 2024 legislative season. The first is that we have the same general assembly that we had in 2023. That means we can take advantage of the momentum that the grassroots had in 2023 for gold and silver legislation. The second is that 2024 is an election year. An election year can change the dynamic and help push populist bills. A full copy of SB735 can be viewed here as it has not been posted at the Senate website at the time of this writing.

As I stated in my e-mail last week, I was invited back to Ron’s Basement for 2 videos that as of that time were not released. They have since been released and you can see video 1 here and video 2 here. More about Ron in a bit…

John Williams with the Missouri Liberty Report produced a video that included and excellent video about what really happened in Waco, Texas back in 1993. It is important for folks to remember this was actually handled at first by Hillary Clinton who recommended the escalation before Janet Reno was appointed to Attorney General. The federal government chose to kill these people and the subsequent laws that were enacted as a result of Waco were directed against what we know today as “preppers.” Thank you John for another great video!

Now back to Ron’s Basement. Ronald Branstetter will be the featured guest on Sam Britton’s show “Off the Cuff” tomorrow night (Sunday, December 3rd) at 6:00PM Central. Ron has consistently covered news on individual state’s legislation for gold and silver (especially Missouri) and is really the only one producing videos with this regular coverage on his social media channels. Ron only has one hour to give tomorrow night, so he’ll be on from 6:00 to 7:00PM. Since it’s a live call in show, feel free to call in and talk with Ron. Sam has graciously allowed me to co-host with him tomorrow night, so I will be there for the full three hour show. If you’re in the Owensville area, tune in to 101.3FM, if not, you can hear the show live from the streaming app on Sam’s website.

I’ve been in contact with Kirby Lane and she and Catherine Dreher are planning for a possible Monday release of their next video on Rogue Politics. For those who were wondering, they are doing well but they have schedules, jobs, kids and life in general so producing a video a week is a challenge. They are alive and well J

As we enter the silly season, there is work we can do right now to help the silver and gold legislation. We’ll have a full description tonight about what you can do from your home to start to help the 2024 gold and silver legislation across the finish line tonight on the stream. Remember January 9, 2024 is Silver and Gold day at the capitol, our first Knock and Shock campaign of the new year. This is a family friendly event and in many instances is an excused absence from school to visit the capitol. Event flyer coming soon….

That’s all for now gang, I hope to see you in the live stream tonight.


May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.


Yours for liberty,


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