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Happy Saturday everyone!  We’ll be live again tonight at 7:30 PM (9-30-23). You can join us on Guilded if you like or watch the live stream on Odysee. Tonight’s show should be very, very interesting and a lot of fun.

When the Missouri general assembly is out of session, it is normally seen as a time for grassroots to recharge their batteries, concentrate more on their families, home life, work…etc. This year feels very different. It feels more like the grassroots and the people in general are angry, frustrated and are rearing to make sure their voices are heard AND more folks are GETTING INVOLVED. I think part of this was because of the last session and how it was conducted. With so many eyes on the legislature in 2023, it was hard not to see what was going on, we saw corporatism at its finest on display. Representative Dean Plocher wanted corporatist bills voted on in the Senate, While Senators Eigel and Moon wanted grassroots bills voted on in the house. A stalemate. When popular “for the people” bills do not make it through the process in the Missouri general assembly, it is always a head scratcher. An example of this was in 2022 when Suzie Pollock’s popular HB2009 (parent’s choice on vaccination) was destroyed in real time on the house floor while we stared; jaws dropped and we wondered “what the heck just happened.” The same was true with HB2118 (bill that was inspired by what happened to the McCloskey’s) and HB1992 (elimination of sales tax on food). These were 3 bills the Missouri Freedom Initiative supported and fought for in 2022. Dean Plocher did an excellent job representing Big Pharma, the Prosecutor’s Association and local government/public schools in 2022 but absolutely failed to represent “We the People.” Plocher was the House floor leader at the time and has since been internally elected House Speaker.

Now, in 2023, we started off the year with the House voting on HR11 AKA the “Plocher Rules.” This was a new set of rules supposedly authored by Representative Jonathan Patterson (newly elected floor leader) that took some power away from the collective body of the House and gave it to the Speaker – Dean Plocher. The stated goal of the new rules package was to “streamline” the legislative process in the House. However, it was easily identified as a guaranteed way to promote chaos, Christmas tree bills, pork and corporatism in the final days of the legislative session and HR11 delivered in spades. On top of all that, Eigel’s SB100 was slaughtered on the House floor and was never voted on. Concurrent Majority IP Reform wasn’t even allowed on the floor for debate and neither were any bills that would have cut taxes despite Missouri’s HUGE and ever expanding tax trough. The people were largely ignored AGAIN in 2023 and all the roads of obfuscation, delay, denial, corporatism and shenanigans lead directly to Representative Dean Plocher. EVERY red state has a Dean Plocher equivalent in their general assembly. The difference in Missouri is that Dean is being publicly identified and called out, which the Missouri Freedom Initiative is chartered to do and other organizations are doing even without a charter. Missouri deserves better than mercantilist leadership that is DESPERATE for large corporate campaign donations for seeking higher office. Under the current conditions, if no change representing the will of the people comes, we are heading down the path that leads to a mirror image of Illinois. We’ll discuss solutions tonight.

Our friends Catherine Dreher and Kirby Lane have been busy. They have released another video this week on their Rogue Politics show. More data and new updates regarding Dean Plocher and Fireside software!  Rogue Politics is now showcased on the MoFI web site and every platform they are on will soon be listed. Catherine and Kirby were also on “Off the Cuff” last Sunday night.

John Williams produced another live stream video last night. John has changed things up a bit and is beginning to explore/discuss national and international issues as well as Missouri issues on the Missouri Liberty Report. Last night, he talked about how when Zelenskyy visited the Canadian Parliament this past week, an actual Nazi that was in WWII was in the Parliament gallery and was honored by Zelenskyy and Trudeau and the socialists in Parliament on camera in real time. Now, the socialist party in Canada is trying to pass legislation that would erase that actual event from the legislative records and eliminate all video/audio records of the event. This is after the onslaught on elected conservatives in parliament being called Nazis for the past two years by the same elected socialists that honored an ACTUAL Nazi! You literally cannot make this stuff up!

Sam Britton with Missouri Liberty Radio will be welcoming Mark McCloskey tomorrow night! Tune in Sunday, October 1 at 6:00PM Central for live discussion and your calls! This isn’t just a rehash of the famous event on their property in 2020, we’ll discuss legislation that was killed by Dean Plocher that was designed to prevent what happened to the McCloskey’s from ever happening to anyone in Missouri again. Mark is also involved in a new project which I am sure you’ll all find interesting. I keep forgetting to mention that Sam’s show “Off the Cuff” is archived so you can ALWAYS go back and listen to shows if you missed the live stream/radio transmission.

Please join us tonight as we discuss these issues AND address Scott Faughn’s public musing that those who are “attacking” Dean Plocher are likely funded by “Democrat dark money.” J Let’s expose the folks in the media who are defending OBVIOUS impropriety of corrupt politicians in Jefferson City.

May God bless us all with good health and with wisdom and courage.


Yours for liberty,


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The Missouri Freedom Initiative (MOFI) is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting the following ideals in Missouri’s culture and legislature: The US Constitution, The Missouri Constitution, all causes that promote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all Missouri residents including but not limited to: lower taxes, property rights, the right to bear arms, school choice, pro-life, and many more. We do not promote the right/left paradigm, we simply promote liberty in the spirit of the American founding fathers. Join us on our bold mission to make Missouri a bastion of freedom and to reject political and cultural tyranny from any source with an emphasis on exposing and ending political corruption at all levels in Missouri politics.

  • Squishy Republican (Coined by John Williams) : DEFINITION

A squishy Republican is a person who runs as a Republican but has no loyalty to the party platform. Squishy Republicans are soft and malleable and their behavior/political views are easily shaped by the corporations and special interests that fund their campaigns and/or Political Action Committee (PAC).

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